Date: 17.12.2013

Animals are everywhere to entertain humans less than you can even imagine. Animals haven’t so got such a functioning originally either, although they are amusing. The functions of all the animals are in the systems of the Creator such, that no one can be wrongful to animals without consequences.

All the animals have to be very wrongful to humans always when they have experienced injustice from humans. Animals so give kind of like a possibility for wonderful making of injustice, when those who’ve done injustice hold their injustice as a good matter. So injustices become the part of animals only temporarily. Humans are very wrongful to animals easier than we can even imagine. Then animals function like victims for humans, when the position of the animals is weaker than we can even imagine.

The functions of humans are very terrible to watch, because no one is allowed to be wrongful not even to animals. Still humans are very wrongful to animals. Not any of our wrongful entity is very wrongful but otherwise. The injustices of all our entities will become punished, also the injustices done towards animals. These injustices have been done in modern times so much, that due to animals one can cause after a while anything to the humans of planet Earth.

The inhabitants of planet Earth aren’t very wise in relation to the matters of the animals, but they play with the lives of animals like they wouldn’t have any value. The measures of all our entities are very wrongful, because everywhere one tries to gain humans to become more wrongful. Humans are so cheated to do more injustice by very many quarters. So it has been always, that humans are strived to be made twisted, so that they’d gain problems later, and so the more wrongful entities gain a permission to punish the less wrongful.

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