The present situation of planet Earth I

On your planet Earth there was very far-reaching plans better than was even imagined. In the present situation, the entities of outer space accomplish very far-reaching plans to intervene into the activity of planet Earth. We are very wrongful to the entities of planet Earth, because we can’t do anything more meaningful to the humans of planet Earth. We are very much alike the Creator while doing solutions on the level of the Creator to all your functions.

You aren’t similar with the Creator, because the Creator is one and only spirit entity on our planet, which has the most sacred functions also physically as spiritually. No one is too wrongful in the system of modern times, but all have very great scales in removing injustice. We are very strongly with also as accepted by the Creator. As our principal are the Creator’s systems, with the help from which we can make our life very much in accordance with the Creator’s systems.

In your world there has to be punishments in good control, so that injustices don’t get to destroy the complete planet. Such is very meaningful activity. The meaningful activity is in modern times more difficult than how it has been in earlier times, when there was less matters available for humans. In modern times one is very meaningfully with in life. Everywhere existing injustices function by making difficulties when thinking of the future of humans. Because we can’t remove your injustice, we have to make all your matters wrongful, so that you would be tested also on this day.

The present situation of planet Earth II

On planet Earth there was very meaningful in earlier times, when all had so much matters unlike the situation is in modern times. We are very wrongful with the help of the Creator to the humans of today of planet Earth, whom had lots of materials in their use when compared with the future. Because everywhere there are so many humans, we can’t accomplish anything for the humans of planet Earth, because this is very wrongful. On planet Earth there still is poverty as beggars, which depicts the taking care of the matters of others by humans. Also laws cause this, but this is a very great injustice, that inequality multiplies when humans have more materials in their use.

We are very wrongful to our humans of planet Earth, because we have done them bad things in earlier times, which continues also in modern times. Because we are very wrongful, we can’t do from matters more wrongful than they are, but although you realize all of this in relation to matters. We do all matters very wrongfully also to the Creator, when he can’t be blamed from the injustices of the world, while he meets those in same proportions as do the other humans of the world experience those.

Humans were earlier very difficult while acting in accordance with the spiritual world. They didn’t understand the importance of good reasoning, when they drifted more chaotically, while acting in a difficult way, to become the lords of all misery. Such was wrongful using of slaves.

The ones remaining from the final judgment are today in problems in everything, due to the meaning of action of the deceased spirits of the humans of earlier times, which was: to make the understanding of the spiritual world of the humans of the world more difficult.They did so much mole’s work, that no one could exist without all kinds of mishaps from the spiritual world, it being suppressed in the consciousness of humans. In bygone times there was more livelier activity than what there is in modern times at all. This is due to that the Creator is very wrongful to humans than what has been even imagined. While problems grow we can’t do other than injustice, but always there have been left an opening to survive from problems alive and well, it only requires slightly competence and heavy pondering of matters.

The present situation of planet Earth III

On your planet Earth there was meaningful activity in earlier times, when also the occultists applauded to the Creator’s advancing activity as well. The Creator had during this time very meaningful written activity, during which he has developed also as a human to get along better in relation with all humans. This influences into the situation of planet Earth via the groups of outer space, because direct connection from the Creator from his dimension isn’t possible for planet Earth, but the entities of outer space have knowledge of the Creator’s activity more, while they own also interdimensional traffic.

The entities of outer space have so this kind of knowledge, that everywhere one had to do activity on the level of the outer space. From our outer space one has traveled a lot here onto the planet Earth also with injustices in their mind. This influences later more to the inhabitants of the planet Earth, then when your appliances notice the flight equipment of the outer space, you are in very great danger to become judged by the entities of outer space as more dangerous than the entities possibly replacing you. Such is including very wrongful activity, but everywhere there came entities of outer space, yet one doesn’t know much about them even in our entities of outer space.

This kind of information was including very wrongful activity, which helps although the ones knowing from this, to act more in accordance with the spiritual world. So you haven’t made, from our entities of outer space either, cursed tales estimated by later times. You are very wrongful still, but with the help of the Creator you can achieve, even as wrongful, right minded matters, so that life on planet Earth would continue still after modern times.

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