Lifecycle of the human

Published on 28.1.2013


Lifecycle of the human includes very wrongful activity. Humans have very wrongful activity during their lifecycle. During lifecycle all our entities have very wrongful functions, which the Creator has given them.

Into the lifecycle of the human belong all kinds of things. In the lifecycle of the human one is very wrongful, when injustices come true in the lifecycle of the human. All our entities live lives as humans, because everyone has got wrongful agreements for them to live also on planet Earth.

All our entities function very wrongfully during their lifetime, when everyone has punishments to come after their lives. All wrongful entities functioned so very wrongfully during their lives, when they have to become punished when life ends. This punishment phenomenon is very far a phenomenon known in modern times, although many don’t believe into it.

The functions of all the wrongful entities are very cursed, which the punishments repair. All our entities have very wrongful activity with them, when everyone has organized punishments with the functions of the spiritual world. Functions are very wrongful for our entities although, more permanently as well, so justice is difficult to attain perfectly at times. The attainment of justice is strived to be achieved although, but punishments are in vain in relation to justice for deceased spirit entities.


All deceased spirit entities have functioned completely in the guidance of others with the magic of the spiritual world, when they can’t take responsibility from all of their activities, unlike living spirit entities. All entities don’t so receive punishments from all of their activity, but they are allowed to suffer from their cursed parts and wait for the real world to punish them, because according to law, all will receive the punishments with the systems of the spiritual world with punishments during a lifetime. So punishments are being organized for the whole life, which they suffer while living in the world and in the spiritual world.

While suffering in the world, humans experience all the injustices, which they have caused to other humans, in some way. The humans of the world suffer also with the help from demons after their death like also while dreaming, if the demons hold them as too wrongful towards themselves.

All lives after death are reality. Because the spirit entity exits the body after death, when everyone has a life after death to come in another body, either in: Heaven, Hell or in a dimension of the spiritual world. Heaven and Hell are orthodoxly also dimensions. All the entities of the spiritual world know from this function more than the entities of the physical world. As the physical world, is always called the universe.

In our spiritual world, one is very wrongful to entities, which have come there from the world, very rarely. All our entities function wrongfully, but in the spiritual world, one isn’t so wrongful, although at times one might imagine so. Our entities of the spiritual world function very wrongfully although towards all the wrongdoers, when everyone has very wrongful functions. From the entire wrongful punishments, one can’t write about, because there are those endlessly, like there are also injustices, which cause them.


All our entities have very twisted functions, with which entities do injustice to other entities. This will always become repaired with punishments either in the spiritual world or in the physical world. Wrongful constructions in the thoughts of humans will become twisted to broken, so that they wouldn’t become too harmful to our entities.

Our entities of the spiritual world have very wrongful activity more rarely than one even imagined, because all our entities have a will to be less wrongful, and this will functions in the spiritual world for humans better than in the world. All our wrongful entities don’t experience this will very often, but they although have such.

While being in the spiritual world entities aren’t so more wrongful like has been imagined as well, so in the spiritual world it is easier than in the physical world. All the entities of the spiritual world function, although wrongfully, but they are being guided more with the guiding functions of the spiritual world, when injustice occurs to a lesser extent.

In our spiritual world, our entities are good to be, because there one doesn’t do injustice as much as in the world. All our wrongful entities want so injustice to be done, because they don’t know what else to do than injustice. Wrongfulness is so the part of humans while being in the world, because there one can function more wrongfully than in the spiritual world. All our entities are so in the spiritual world easier living than in the world.


All our wrongful entities functioned in relation to everyone in a very problematic way, which is very harmful to a lesser extent. All our entities have so wrongful deals to do injustice in some way, so that they could develop from that part onto a higher level. All our entities are wrongful, but at times also justice is found from our entities.

All of us don’t have good thoughts, but this isn’t so far a problem, because injustice isn’t the same matter as badness, and goodness isn’t the same as justice. They are at times thought to be from their meaning the same, but the matter isn’t although like that. So from badness one isn’t always punished in the spiritual world and from goodness, one doesn’t always receive praise.

From badness, one becomes punished in the spiritual world only when one has done to other injustice with badness, but this matter is the same in relation to goodness. At times again goodness and badness are just, when entity prevents from punishment in the spiritual world, whether one acted with badness or goodness.

From the spiritual world, humans come always later back into the world. While being in the world, they have very little will in their thoughts to come back into the world after their death, but humans, although want to come back into the world from the spiritual world very often. Living in the world is so very advancing for themselves in their own opinion.


All our entities have possibilities to come into the world to do their acts of injustice. All our entities have also a possibility to come to advance matters here into the world. Everyone doesn’t understand from these kinds of possibilities, but they want only to come opportunistically to see what comes to them.

Getting back into the world isn’t always possible, but everyone needs themselves a suitable situation to be let back into the world. In the world, one can’t always act during every age, so to go back into the world one has to have activity on a certain level to come for entities on a certain level. Entities on a certain level are in the Creator’s systems on a certain level defined by their abilities.

The injustices of all our entities prevent the access into the world always at times. All our entities have to have a very high level knowledge from that, what they’ll do while living in the world. All the entities of the world are in the Creator’s system under terrible control, when in the world not almost any activity takes place outside the control of the spiritual world. Also the uncontrolled matters are in the end very controlled.

While getting back into the world, entities are very wrongful most often, because in the spiritual world, wrongfulness has been bordered so, that in the spiritual world, one can’t act as wrongfully as how one can act in the world at times. The wrongful entities of the spiritual world can’t due to this be let into the world else than with special permission, because they would be very wrongful while living in the world.

All lives in different areas take place in a very natural way, and matters held as supernatural don’t take place but otherwise. Although for spirit entities, these matters are very familiar, so all the imaginative matters connected to the afterlife are possible.

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