Date: 30.11.2013

The comforts of entities function very badly for the advancement of entities, because comforts function very wrongfully. All the comforts of the wrongful entities are very cursing in the opinion of enemies, because the comforts of the cursed function like wrongfully. Although often the cursed have comforts more than the ordinarily cursed, this is due to their needs to be cursed as a continuous activity. So the cursed make from their comforts mandatory for themselves.

The comforts of entities are often so wrongful. The activity of all our entities compares very little the activity of the Creator, because the Creator prefers to live in comforts than humans usually. Everyone doesn’t have even knowledge of comfort; because the Creator loves everyone with the help from comforts, when again usually humans start to become arrogant in comforts, and they don’t so compare the Creator from their functions. Everything is although from the part of comforts useful activity, and no one should live without comforts.

With the help from wrongful comforts are lots of things found, which influence also in modern times. Such are all the possible comforts, which there are very many. Comforts change into wrongful, when the Creator has decreased the comforts. Then the comforts are twisted into the minds of humans, when once the comforts have left the entity has very great difficulties to survive from his life in balance.

All our entities function very wrongfully, so in relation to comforts we have a lot to make better. All the comforts function so completely wrongfully for humans usually, when humans have to live with less comfort very often, because otherwise, entities would curse with the help from comforts more than without comforts. Like you observed, the comforts have very bad influences, if so the level of development of the human hasn’t made the comforts beneficial for the spirit entity, which is in the end the most meaningful entity one can find.

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