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Published on 22.8.2012


The history of mankind is strange, because humans have existed beginning from earlier times. Humans have always been similar in their outlook, because everything is based on creating. Creating as a topic is very wrongful information to write about, because humans are too wrongful to each other with this information. Humans have killed each other’s already in earlier times, in as vast proportions, as what one exercises on this day. Mankind has been very wrongful towards other humans. All humans are more wrongful than is even imagined in the spiritual world. Still it is good to be for humans in the systems of planet Earth, because the Creator is a very creative entity, which makes systems for humans, with which they can be less harmful to each other.

The advancement of all the entities is very wrongful activity, because everything is wrongful in the spiritual world. To all our entities comes along with time the ending of injustice at the final judgment, if they don’t exercise activity on the level of the Creator. Everyone can so become creators, if they want with the Creator’s deal to become an entity on the level of the Creator. The Creator isn’t a very wrongful entity, although it looks like such, but wrongfulness is for him very well known. The injustice of all the wrongful entities is very cursed activity, which the Creator wants to decrease continually. All the injustices are very cursing, when no one gains the understanding of the Creator, if they want to curse their mind to do injustice. All the Creator’s deals are more wrongful than in our earlier times, when the Creator started to do injustice to other entities to gain the system to function even more wrongfully than what other humans functioned. So was advancement created, because then the wrongful entities couldn’t turn the system around with their own wrongfulness.

Wrongful entities were very cursed in earlier times, because then everyone had to a lesser extent good systems to guide the activity into better. This doesn’t although hold good completely, because also in modern times, there is very much injustice within the activity and the systems of modern times aren’t more comfortable for humans than what has been in earlier times. The injustices of all the wrongful entities are very twisted into wrongfulness, when all the entities have very much cursed thoughts, which cause wrongful activity. All our entities have very much injustice with them, when all our entities have never had things completely well.

Our wrongfulness is very wrongful activity, because all our entities have wrongfulness with them in very great proportions. All our entities have very much injustice with them due to earlier times. Every human has at some time been in the leadership of a nation, when everyone has had lots of wrongful measures. All our entities have so experience from all matters, if they have existed already 2000 years ago. All our entities have so very wrongful functions. 2000 years ago everyone could live in the Creator’s systems very wrongful lives, in which everyone had a possibility to live in abundance. This is due to that all our entities are very wrongful.

The injustice of all the entities we cannot measure, but everyone has still possibilities to be kind-hearted to other entities. Wrongful entities are very twisted to other entities, because they have become twisted from other entities due to earlier times. All entities have so at some time known each other in some way, if they have existed 2000 years ago. All our entities have very wrongful functions, because all the entities function on the level of the spiritual world a lot between each other, when all our entities on planet Earth have the ability to become acquainted with other entities with the help from the spiritual world in very vast proportions.


All our entities are very wrongful, which makes entities weaker than what is everywhere else. Elsewhere, there are materials, which are strong spirit entities, but not so able to do any special things. All our entities have injustice with them a lot, because all are more wrongful than was even imagined. The repairing of matters is very wrongful activity, when all injustices are very cursed measures. Everyone has lots of problems, which makes entities a lot more competent, if they are able to solve problems.

The history of humans is very long, because the Creator is a human, which has caused everything else. All our entities have lots of cursed parts, which have been given birth due to wrongdoing. Everything has begun very long time ago, so the history of the human is eternally long. Furthermore, the entities of earlier times looked similar to what the humans of modern times have looked like. The humans of modern times haven’t got so almost anything new brought into our universes, because everything has existed already earlier as very similar. In the genetic heritage of all the entities, there are very wrongful parts, which have been parts functioning in a computer like manner, because all the wrongful parts function very calculatedly.

The functioning of all the parts is based on genetic heritage; that is why the genes are in the fillings of the cells. Our genetic heritage is created by the Creator, so it won’t change almost at all; not even in later times. All the functions of the genetic heritage are modifiable more short-termly than was even imagined in modern times. Our genetic heritage functions similarly as other genetic heritages, because it is a hardware created by the Creator for us to uphold life. In our genetic heritage, there are very few changes from earlier times, so all the changes are increasing perfectness in later times. All the human species have existed already in earlier times, and the prehistoric human species haven’t existed only in the times known to us by modern information.

In our modern history, there are many different human species, which have become extinct, although they’ll come later with the help from new creation sometime far in the future, when the spiritual world has renewed the systems of planet Earth thoroughly. The spiritual world can so make everything renewed always at times, when nothing else remains but wanted relics from earlier times and new is being created through the materialization by the spiritual world. In our spiritual world, one acted wrongfully in modern times like has been acted also earlier in the history of planet Earth. All the entities of planet Earth function so in later times with the same group as in modern times, when it is important, that one doesn’t become difficult to other entities, because everyone should be like acquaintanceships to each other, when there aren’t mutual conflicts. So everyone advanced also in earlier times, but always there is a possibility for wrongdoing, which is destructive both spiritually and physically.

All our entities are very wrongful to entities, because everyone’s life isn’t very successful, but curses function very much by weakening. All weakening entities are in the Creator’s systems very wrongful, because weakening is wrongful, if there isn’t a real reason for it. For all our entities, the intention to weaken in our systems of the Creator is to decrease the ability of the enemies to fight, and weakening isn’t needed but for the enemies. All our entities function in a very straining way by weakening our entities. The greatest part from our entities isn’t weakening, but weakening is for others more important than was even imagined. This is due to very wrongful magics, which weakening entities hold to them, so that they would preserve the ability to weaken other entities.


Mankind is a very wrongful Creator’s creation, which functions perfectly in modern times as well, because injustices are very controlled already beginning from earlier times. With the most wrongful entities even the Creator can do nothing, because he is very wrongful to all the wrongful. The deals the Creator has made with the help from mankind are very functioning thoroughly. The Creator’s activity is the activity of mankind in every way.

Mankind is in its history as long as time is. The entities of outer space belong also into mankind, and also their history is longer than was even imagined. The entities of outer space function like humans anyway, because they are very similar to the humans of planet Earth. The wrongfulness of all the entities can’t be measured, but the injustice of mankind is measurable from the amount of acts of injustice done.  All the injustices of the entities of mankind don’t tell from the activity of mankind, because all wrongful entities do their bad result to the common amount of wrongdoing of mankind.

All the acts of injustice of the entities of mankind function very wrongfully, because everyone has so much injustice with them. The history of mankind is so as long as time is, when there have existed universes before the present one and in there in the earlier universes there has existed also humans. The earlier universes were very wrongful for mankind. All the entities of mankind functioned so very wrongfully, but also with benevolence, in the times of the earlier universes.

All the humans of our universe are so very similar with the humans of earlier times, but there are of course differences as well, but although humans are even as different very similar to each other. All earlier times were very wrongful even for the Creator, so the Creator gained lots of enemies in the goings-on of earlier times. All goings on were very wrongful, because there were all the deceased from their spirit entities with in life. Also in modern times there exists them at times, but not in such proportion as what they were in earlier times.

All the wrongful entities are very cursed, because the wrongful entities did their bad work for mankind. All the injustices came true in modern times, when all deceased from their spirit entities were broken finally with the doom to destruction of the spiritual world. All wrongful entities made so little good work that their level of high level activity was completely as removed. The activity of these kinds of entities compares very badly a functioning human, because the level of activity of the wrongful entities is more primitive than what the less wrongful entities have.


All the wrongful entities are very cursed due to earlier times, because they had very wrongful agreements from the spiritual world to do injustice. Such was monstrous war action, which has been exercised a long page in history. All our entities have lots of monstrous war action in their subconscious due to earlier times. The earlier times are so very cursed measures. The injustice of all entities isn’t measurable, but still injustices there are very much due to high level activity. Because injustices are measurable only in high level activity, aren’t the injustices shown on the lower level of activity.

The lower levels of activity are very twisted, because on the lower level of activity no one functions on the level of the spirit entity, because on the lower level of activity, one functions on the level of the physical world, which doesn’t require so much activity of the spirit entity. To get along in the physical world, the entities don’t need higher level of activity in their thoughts, but humans get along also without the activity of their spirit entity. The activity of the spiritual world requires from the spirit entity very high level activity although, when entities are within more demanding activity while being in the spiritual world.

All our entities have very cursed thoughts towards the Creator’s systems, so injustices don’t function so well when one is opposing the Creator’s system than if entities functioned  in accordance with the Creator’s system. Injustices function better, when the Creator’s systems are within the activity, because then one doesn’t need nearly as many punishments for entities, when entities function more in accordance with the system. In our humankind there has been very wrongful activity, because then there weren’t punishments unlike in modern times. In modern times one punishes from injustice very accurately, but earlier punishments were vaguer, and they weren’t exercised orthodoxly almost at all.

The injustices of all the wrongful entities functioned as advancing for mankind, when all entities functioned as very twisted, because advancement comes thanks to very wrongful activity. Thanks to us, all wrongful entities function as advancing, because they are being guided with the help from the appliance enchantments of the spiritual world. All our wrongdoers have done lots of injustice in earlier times, when mankind functioned very wrongfully. The injustices of all the wrongful warriors are in everyone’s knowledge even as historical writings. This kind of activity taking place in the history and today has so existed always and forever, because from our injustice, we cannot get rid of but very rarely.

Wrongful entities function everywhere in our humankind, so injustice has been done also in the outer space and elsewhere than in the world. The wrongfulness of the wrongful entities we can measure not until in later times, because the consequences of the act come forth often not until a long time after the act. The action of all the entities is very wrongful, because everyone has so much wrongfulness with them; this concerns slave trade, wars and uneven distribution of food. It is impossible for all the injustices to become repaired ever, so one does permanent damages at times.


Everything starts to look better not until in later times, when the Creator’s systems have been destroyed from their level of modern times into even better functioning. Although the injustice prevents the level of better functioning of the Creator’s systems at times, when all gruesomeness comes  the part of humans, because they acted  very wrongfully earlier in their lives. Lives are so very much similar to each other, because human acts usually in a similar way, but outwardly activity might seem very different, and at times it is different otherwise as well. Although the profile of each person tells his true intentions, which the human follows almost throughout his whole life, at times even eternally.

The wrongfulness of all the entities functions very reluctantly in relation to the level of the action of the Creator, because with injustice one can’t govern the true level of activity. The true level of activity comes from that all things are under control and there are no unconscious things. The unconsciousness of things is allowing very wrongful activity, because then one doesn’t think from matters anything with justice, because justice can’t be taken into notice as unconscious about things. Wrongful measures were earlier done as very unconscious, when all matters were wrongful due to the unconsciousness.

Very wrongful entities are the most destructive when again, the Creator’s deals do well for everything. For the entire Creator’s deals, it is very wrongful to say anything opposing, because the Creator’s deals function very wrongfully towards those, who harm the Creator’s deals. It is very wrongful to say anything about the Creator’s deals to the wrongdoers, when everything is wrongful, what the wrongdoers ever want to think.

Our new wrongdoers are a burden of later times for mankind. The mankind will see lots of harming, like has also been in the history of mankind. For all the wrongdoers the history of mankind is more wrongful than was even imagined in the spiritual world. During the history of mankind there has existed everything possible, like: story lives, dimensions, strange constructed technologies, activity aided by the Creator and spiritual activity in every way. From earlier times one can gain information through channeling, when the information from earlier times is as saved into the consciousness of entities.

Entities gain information from earlier times from their subconscious, because everyone has a connection to the information from earlier times in their consciousness. All our entities have lots of experiences from different kinds of lives from earlier times. The earlier times of the entities caused lots of injustice to entities in modern times. In modern times all our entities functioned so very wrongfully due to earlier times. The earlier times of the entities are in the consciousness of everyone, when everyone has lots of knowledge about life. Also less old entities have lots of knowledge, because their knowledge is based on knowledge of earlier entities.


From all our entities is found the ability to make deals with the Creator, when they can heal their lives with the help from the Creator’s system. Then all the Creator’s deals make humans to be better in accordance with the system. All the functions in accordance with the system do lots of their evil work for all our entities, because the systems punish the ones whom did wrong in earlier times. Such the situation is very common for all the ones who are new in making the Creator’s deals. With all our entities are very wrongful works been made, because injustice is usually repairing of others from their spirit entities. Our wrongdoers do lots of their evil work for the destruction of others, which is activity caused by the system. Such wrongdoers it is terrible to watch, but it is always about punishment activity for the entities who have confronted injustice, because such is the activity of the spiritual world.

All wrongful entities have been during the history of mankind very wrongful. Into the history of mankind belongs wars and famine. The injustices of all the wrongful entities are decreasing with the help from the new system. All problems are due to the Creator, because he has wanted injustice to blossom already beginning from earlier times, as long as it doesn’t target himself, as long as he is himself fair. System functioning wrongfully is so an impossibility, because everything is as bewitched by the Creator functioning the least wrongfully, and the Creator has constructed the systems with his own activity, when injustice doesn’t blossom in the Creator’s systems for very long.

Our mankind is very wrongful to other entities. For all the entities of our mankind have the tolerance to bear injustice decreased. For all the entities of the Creator injustice functions very far guided by the Creator. The injustices of the Creator are more minimal than any other human’s, but this doesn’t hold well on the part of physical injustice, because the Creator has lived very wrongful lives. Lives are wrongful, if all the parts are as cursed. Cursed parts are given birth from wrongdoing or from the curses of others. The Creator is usually like this as cursed by others when he is wrongful. While being cursed by others he is usually as a warrior or as a war leader, when the Creator is very wrongful to all his children.

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