Date: 12.2.2014

Humans have revolutionary thoughts very much. The revolutionary thoughts of humans function today very wrongfully, when humans need to know of the world’s matters to gain the right kind of thinking connected to the world’s matters. Our matters of the world are very wrongful in the opinion of holier entities. So our world’s matters in the opinion of the holier are more wrongful than they’d need to be. By knowing on the level of the Creator we are in the world less wrongful than without knowledge on the level of the Creator.

No one in our world is very wrongful but otherwise. We are so very wrongful in the world, and no one of the humans living in the world escapes from this matter. The revolutionary thoughts of humans functioned for the advancement of everything, because no one is completely wrongful but otherwise. All the wrongful humans do injustice guided by the spiritual world, and if humans don’t oppose this activity, there will come punishments from the spiritual world to humans also due to lack of opposition.

The revolutionary thoughts of humans functioned so as a beneficial matter, because humans are too good to be with their injustice at times, when other humans have to strain these entities due to their injustice. With the help from all the Creator’s systems, we are completely wrongful very far, although visible injustice one shouldn’t be allowed to do, because it is only harmful.

Humans have everywhere wrongful activity, which makes our injustice very large scale. Such injustice should be cleaned, so that we wouldn’t do wrongful activity, which could be prevented. The wrongful thoughts of everyone functioned very badly, because the Creator doesn’t tolerate anything wrongful as accepted, but he acts always in accordance with the least injustice, while striving so to develop the most from all.

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