Date: 15.3.2014

Into the injustices of modern times belongs to be very selfish, this kind of selfishness is very harmful to all entities. With selfishness one did very much injustice in earlier times, when everyone had fewer matters goods wise. Also in modern times selfishness is harmful, but it has also to a lesser extent decreased when compared with the earlier times. Selfishness there is so nowadays less than earlier, but this selfishness is still quite great from its meaning.

In our modern times, we have done lots of injustice to the nature’s entities, which is very harmful to ourselves as well. This injustice is real in every place, if nature was being destroyed earlier as well, then in modern times it has gotten out of our hands, and we can’t do to the matter anymore true functions almost at all. With our true functions, we do continually injustice to all entities, because injustice in true activity is very cursing. This kind of injustice compares such, when humans do matters while knowing of its disadvantages. This kind of injustice is more cursing than was even imagined.

In the spiritual world, we are very wrongful while humans are doing injustice in the world. We might end the life of a human due to such a matter like the destroying of nature is. Our wrongful functions do very wrongful matters to all humans.

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