The most remarkable spirit entities I

The most remarkable spirit entities are the closest friends of the Creator, on the other hand their spirits’ activity of the world is usually against the Creator, the Creator being slightly more wrongful than other humans are. All the entities are the closest friends of the Creator, but the most remarkable entities are friends of the Creator in our everywhere spreading system. The Creator is a very special entity, who has very much to do further than was even imagined. So the Creator holds in this work helping spirits as close entities, so that all would advance better in accordance with the Creator.

You are very different than our Creator, from which dues that the Creator is being opposed everywhere except in secret. The most remarkable entities are so the widest in their consciousness, which gives the most remarkable entities the most influencing possibilities. So the Creator as well means very much. From nowhere you’ll gain activity opposing the Creator accomplished, unless this is within the plans of the spiritual world.

The most meaningful spirit entities accomplish very great direction plan of the Creator as well, with which one accomplishes wrongful activity coming to all. Because you aren’t at all aware of this plan of the spiritual world, you are in very great danger always when living in the world with the functions of the spiritual world. You are in very great proportion accomplishing all covering experience of injustice. So you haven’t yet accomplished anything functional, only to ease your matters you have made technologies, but it as well is at times more harmful than you even think.

The most remarkable spirit entities II

The most remarkable spirit entities will kill you all multiple times in later times, because their meaning is so great, that no one has even intention to act as a good human in accordance with meaning, but injustice is a more tempting technique to do matters, which is a same kind of phenomenon everywhere. This dues from victim emotions, which is human’s natural method to enjoy from life.

The highest spirit entities of all do for all great upheavals, when the spiritual world accomplishes very great from its proportion being all covering system. You are good for your humans, but not although very skilled concerning the best.

The best are all the creator entities, the second best are the creators of the creator entities, the third best are our angels, the fourth best are the Creator’s appliance and the Creator, the fifth best are demons and the sixth best are humans, who haven’t got much understanding. You are different than the most remarkable spirit entities are. Your spiritual capacity is worse than what these high-level spirits have as a situation. You can’t do anything to these spirit entities, because their soul is eternally able to do, so they are so to say immortal. All spirits aren’t immortal, but others are such and others have even destroyed their soul from the part of life.

The most remarkable spirit entities III

Everywhere there was activity of the spiritual world, from which you know about the activity of the spiritual world there to be use for our humans as well. The greatest injustice does the Creator, but he does it with advancement in mind, and doesn’t do harm to anyone by frustrating.

You are very wrongful for your humans, but the Creator knows, from where this all dues from, when you can’t do anything more peculiar injustice than what the Creator expects from you. You are in very great proportion accomplishing very wrongful activity, from which there is benefit in such a way, that you’ll gain accomplished entities, with the help from which all matters will heal up to later times, while these kinds of entities being eternal from their spirits. Never you can’t buy anything more meaningful, because the spiritual world makes everything wrongful so, that nowhere you will find greater upheavals. Also, with the Creator’s deals there is very healing influence more wrongfully than what humans usually gain accomplished.

The spiritual world holds the most meaningful spirit entities in very great value. So you are very wrongful for these entities, which although are able to hold their own, while being less wrongful than was even imagined. The injustices of all the entities do upheavals, but such meaningful spirits do upheavals much wider and more often than anyone else in the complete universe not counting the Creator and the appliance enchantments. The appliance enchantments are such also so, that they accomplish great plans made by the outsiders to punish the inhabitants of the universe due to injustice. Others accomplish so their own plans, and the appliance enchantments the plans of others, which is very wrongful, but suits so to the appliance enchantments.

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