The purpose of the ongoing age I


The purpose of the ongoing age is the very wrongful measures technologically, when on the planet Earth there is very wrongful technologically. All the functions of all the wrongful entities functioned very wrongfully for all the others as well. The activity of all the injustices was very wrongful in our earlier times. From nowhere there didn’t come writings for the Creator either in earlier times, because the world was filled with deceased spirits so to say. From nowhere, by thinking of the doings of the deceased spirits, we couldn’t do, for the Creator either, better activity. Because you have developed very wrongful technologies, you’ll gain very much accomplished with the help from those. In later times occultists will get to do miracles as well with the help from technologies, when you aren’t able to discern holy spirits and occultists, them being very alike outwardly.  

During this age you’ll do good matters more. As more energy consuming as well, you are good for occultists as well. All the entities of all the functions know from this situation of the Creator, where he is as very bordered in the world in his dimension. During the ongoing age you are in a very peculiar reality, because virtual reality will be in a higher meaning than true reality, from his there are already marks.

The Purpose of the ongoing age II

During the ongoing age you’ll gain lots of writings of the church as well. Occultists as well appreciated writings of the spiritual world in very great proportion. So you’ll gain very meaningful ages accomplished, when you have read all the possible writings of a sacred story and act in accordance with those.

Never you have done yet by the occultists either activity accepted by the entities of outer space, because the entities of outer space will do very great upheavals. Occultists as well will kill you, if you are more in accordance with the entities of outer space on this day of yours, because entities of outer space are held as very wrongful in the system of the planet Earth. So you aren’t able into any activity, unless you are thinking very independently.  

All the functions of entities of outer space will make all of us into meat as well, if you oppose those with very wrongful grounds, because entities of outer space do very great purifications from their proportions in later times on your planet Earth as well.   

The Purpose of the ongoing age III

During the ongoing age you are in very great proportion suffering from the destruction of nature due to the activity of human, from which follows punishments for the whole planet. Because you have written all down with your modern science you don’t know the spiritual world but very little. To everywhere will come wars and terrible measures, if you don’t decrease this wrongdoing of yours. The reason of modern world is to be very wrongful towards oneself, so also the destruction of the planet is wrongful towards the humans themselves, because it is like your place of residence, where you spend time more than in your spiritual world neither. To everywhere came very great from their proportions upheavals after this age, so you know that nowhere there haven’t been as spoiled as the matter is in your own environment.  

Any begging you don’t’ have to watch either, but you are very wrongful towards yourselves as well at least indirectly via your environment. Nowhere there is knowledge about the systems of earlier times, where one did wrongful activity more than in modern times anywhere on your planet. But the spiritual world knows your wrongfulness to be very worsening in modern times.

In modern times you will get to know the entities of outer space, who know about your harm doing towards your own living environment, so all the entities of outer space do slightly repairment measures to your systems. Never you’ll know, which great meaning everything has, but you can think that in modern times one hasn’t done more peculiar than in earlier times either, on the other hand this is true as well, but you don’t know yet enough with your systems of modern times, when the future is still further, until you have learned with your systems the level of final activity, before everything ends while Jesus arrives on to the earth, to make an ending of everything as this kind of apocalyptic bringer of destruction,  although he won’t do it himself, but on the contrary other humans will do it. He only is from his meaning such, that upon his arrival all begins to change more alike Heaven, from which we aren’t pleased in the spiritual world, and so the beginning of a new age is in front of you, before which everything will become destroyed.

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