The punishments of the spiritual world I 


In the spiritual world one accomplished very great from their proportions being punishments. For all our humans there will come at some point in life also on planet Earth punishments executed by the spiritual world, because you have never done anything on the level of Jesus, when you wouldn’t deserve punishments. The spiritual world is very great in size, and the activity of a little human hasn’t much decreased from the part of injustice. You do very much punishments for all your entities, when you know, that punishments are good for our humans on the level of the spiritual world, while they repair all kinds of by decreasing physical curses. 

In the spiritual world one accomplished all kinds of more humoristic activity as well, so that no one wouldn’t do more harm to other entities. With humoristic activity there are very great proportions in the spiritual world, because it decreases the injustice of humans in very great scale, when humans have fun without doing of injustice. The more humoristic functions are very far-reaching everywhere, but usually in smaller scale than other functions.  

From everywhere there comes experiences of injustice more than was even imagined. Nowhere you are with in all covering experience of injustice, but you do very great upheavals so that injustice wouldn’t become done too much. Because you aren’t good for your humans, we’ll have to punish you from all your injustice in the spiritual world, once you’ve died and during sleep. Nothing greater all covering experience of injustice you aren’t able to do, because we prevent everything, from which would come greater punishments, which might influence into your future very remarkably.  

The punishments of the spiritual world II 

Nowhere you have been without punishment, but all have had to be punished in earlier times. In the spiritual world one knew about your injustice, from which will come always punishments also for next life. Ever you’ve known, what is waiting for you in later times from your wrongdoings as well done on this day.  

Everyone came along with the help from punishments, which caused very great upheavals for our humans. But never you’ll know, why the spiritual world is functioning like this. You are good for your humans, but never fully understanding for that what also occultists aspire to so a perfect life.  

You are very wrongful, due to which you will get into very great problems with the much more wrongful in later times, because the entities of outer space do everything different on your planet once they end up there. Because you are so wrongful, you aren’t able into any greater activity, except at the most on the level of Jesus, which is advancing in relation to everything. Although you aren’t able into the activity alike Jesus either, if you’ll have to suppress your own needs as well, which causes insufficiency to act as a human. 

The punishments of the spiritual world III 

The punishments of the spiritual world are in the knowledge of everyone as spirit entities, but into the awareness on the physical level you haven’t gained believable information about the activity of the spiritual world. Although you are good for your humans, but not very good in relation to everything. From nowhere there will come more knowledge in accordance with church either, unless the spiritual world hasn’t accepted the knowledge to become revealed on a very high level for our humans of the world. 

You are good for your humans, but not very good for all your entities, because the animal kingdom hasn’t been counted by humans very high in appreciation, which is very wrongful, because the souls of animals are always in practice like the soul of humans. So, you aren’t able to accomplish very great from its proportion activity.  

Everywhere was very great accomplished activity, from which one gained much wrongful matters accomplished. Everywhere one was very good for humans, but all were doing very great injustice. Because you are so wrongful, you don’t know about this matter enough, but in the spiritual world there will be for almost every human punishment activity more and better than you imagine. 

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