The development flow of life on planet Earth

The flow of life on planet Earth was including very wrongful activity. In our flow of life one did everywhere lots of injustice, so that all our humans wouldn’t be too poor spiritually. We are very far-reachingly within the activity of the spiritual world on your planet Earth, when we do very great upheavals always at times, because more than poverty we appreciate competent humans, who have skill to do matters profoundly without holding himself wiser than the spiritual world.

All the inhabitants of planet Earth acted very wrongfully in earlier times. We can’t be better for you due to this. To everyone there will come lots of punishments due to earlier times. We strive to do beneficial matters for you. At times this is possible also. We although wouldn’t be able to do this, without the support of the creator, because he is the greatest spirit entity of all, which in the end decides also from punishments.

Everywhere there has come easier life than there was in earlier times. The research request of all the humans was in modern times the knowing of the Creator, because in modern times the knowing of the Creator was very difficult, while everyone was sidepersonized, so that the connection of the spiritual world doesn’t function. With our humans one did lots of injustice spiritually and physically in modern times, when the knowing of the Creator is very difficult activity. Knowing the Creator is in modern times more difficult than ever more or less, this is due to that everywhere was so many things, but not explained by religion, which brings a very narrow thinking.

The development flow of life on planet Earth II

We are here in the spiritual world very good, when we have better functions than you there in the world. You are very wrongful due to your lacks, when that what you do there is very enriching for yourselves, but for others matters harmful. You are good for our humans almost always, but although you are very historically doing less injustice than what there is on other planets this activity. You are very good everywhere in your universe, but although you can’t do your matters with very few wrongdoings.

Life has developed on planet Earth much thanks to you, when you have been on a very high level within the history of planet Earth as humans and animals. Such activity is very meaningful activity.

In our life on planet Earth there have been many ages, where we have been living as forest humans, but also this kind of life is, as very far reaching, meaningful to all our entities as well. We are as far reaching within the lives of good humans, so you are very wrongful due to us then when there was no law and order.

You are very mixed with your knowledge of history, because you don’t do anything related to history that is very high level activity guided by the spiritual world, when from our history one gains meaningful information by using the spiritual world as a help. You only do art from our ancient ages while living there on this day.

The development flow of life on planet Earth III

Because you are so wrongfully with in the injustice of yours done all the time, you aren’t very meaningful to the spiritual world, when the spiritual world might experience you as more harmful than beneficial entities there in your world, when into the plans of the spiritual world belongs to accomplish punishments and changes, if such more harmful activity doesn’t end caused by humans’ own will.

Everywhere was very meaningful activity, so no one has achieved anything own unlike one imagines. Everywhere was very far reaching magic, with which one strived to do from lives more meaningful than one could imagine. We are very meaningful as entities of the world while living on planet Earth, but although we are in our systems of the Creator in a very similar position with the other entities of the universe. All are equal finally in our universe from the spiritual world’s point of view.

We are very wrongful horns of truth for our humans of the world. While you are living there, you are very much under the influence of us humans living in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world all is well as much as it is possible to accomplish, but there in the world are all matters well on almost each day, but although also problems are found.

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