The events of this century

Everywhere there was this kind of activity, that a new religion is in a very meaningful way in the consciousness of everyone. This religion compares a lot the written religion of opening of awareness of the Bible, so the apocalyptic revelation of knowledge for mankind. Everywhere on our planet are the religions in very good strength, but all goes in accordance with each other to a lesser extent than what the spiritual world would hope the matters to be. Also in the Book of Revelations there is a mentioning of this age, when lots of new information was brought to humans, which then led into problems, when humans used this apocalyptic information into wrong intentions or with wrong reasons. Problems will also come in the form of wars, but everywhere your hopes were that mankind would change to more positive towards all matters, and it wouldn’t do problems for only its ill will.

Problems will come otherwise as well, because everywhere one was very unnoticing towards one’s own injustices, so repenting is a completely unknown concept in modern times, from which dues such, that everywhere will come very bad punishments, to repair the problems of the spiritual world. To humans there came lots of problems from other humans and from the thoughts which came with the problem repairing humans from outer space. The systems of planet Earth have been destroyed on this day into negligence, when also the animal kingdom is very fed up with all the all the actions of humans.

All humans had to do catastrophes to other humans in earlier times, when they had become too wrongful. In modern times the systems of the world prevent such punishment measures, when the spiritual world has to punish these individuals. This takes place with the help from the thoughts of outsiders, when for humans one can cause catastrophes by outsiders, so that the spiritual atmosphere would remain more whole.

The events of this century II

You are very perplexed in some situation, which was caused to you in your future. This connects to the entities of outer space, who have for you slightly matters to teach, like also how to take care of the environment as well. All entities of outer space have slightly problems also from themselves, which causes to you abuse by the entities of outer space. All entities of outer space do so all kinds of activity later after today, but this will take place during the ongoing century.

In our outer space one acted wrongfully in modern times, when all fell into being at war. Also the groups of outer space acted very wrongfully. Everywhere there was very wrongful activity during this century. We were very wrongful, because nowhere there was allowed to be very wrongful activity after modern times, when everywhere was very wrongful activity, due to the amount of injustice when the awareness grows we become less wrongful in later times.

We are very wrongful, because we are so wrongful everywhere also in modern times. This will continue to a lesser extent, because everywhere one did lots of wrongful matters, which will become decreased also from the part of injustice.

The events of this century III

During the upcoming century you are very wrongful to other humans less than you can even imagine. This is due to the system of sanctity, which is required from all peoples, where one is allowed to do nothing wrongful, otherwise there will come punishments from the system. So you can develop further and achieve also miracles by being very right minded Creator’s descendants.

After the upcoming century we are very far-reachingly with by making everything very wrongful. So all that is wrongful should be avoided later after this century. Everywhere one should see more truthfully, so that everywhere there wouldn’t come more suffering. Also more naturally you are very wrongful still on this day than what you would be also in our better system.

In bygone times we were better within life while intelligence was fully in action, and there were no eases. From everywhere there came problems for humans, with whom one had to use intelligence. After modern times own intelligence was very simple, when we know very little from matters on our own, and we will trust into others more than on this day even. We are making very great scale changes also for our humans of modern times, when from everywhere there will come problems to humans also after modern times.

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