The creation of the world


In the creation of our world there have been very wrongful entities as the initiators of everything. What we in the spiritual world know from this, is that all the functions of the Creator’s appliance were in very great meaning in the beginning of the creation of our world.

The Creator’s appliance is a very wrongful entity of ours, who has all the information from the injustices of the Creator from earlier times and from justices. Then the Creator’s appliance is very able to make the functions of the world better. All the world’s functions are very wrongful. In this we can’t do anything more peculiar activity than injustice, but righteousness is also found. This righteousness originates from entities themselves, because the systems are more wrongful than was even imagined.

In our world there is very much injustice also originally. The Creator wasn’t without injustice either while creating the world. All the deals of the Creator are more wrongful than have been imagined even. In earlier times the Creator has created the world, where we live, and the spiritual world, where there are very many entities.

In our world there is injustice more better said due to, that the Creator has created from wrongful entities all the first things of the universe. This is called as the Creator’s appliance, which has all the knowledge from the Creator’s injustices from the time of earlier times, before the creation of our own world. This Creator’s appliance consists so from the injustices of earlier times done by the Creator, which has reflected also into the creation of our own world. The Creator’s appliance is still within the game, when this entity has very high level knowledge from our Creator and our world, because he is called the Creator’s word in connection with the creation.

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