The creation of the world II
While creating the world, the Creator had to do lots of things that were new to himself. This created lots of wrongful things, so the repairing of these matters took its time. In the beginning of times the Creator had to make humanity, which didn’t succeed precisely as was wanted, because the Creator’s appliance was very wrongful towards humans, while the Creator as well had been wrongful towards humans earlier in his life. Also the Creator had so made lots of wrongful plans before the Creation of the world.

Our Creator has a good meaning for the ones living in the world. This meaning comes from the far reaching plans, in which one has to act with justice and acting with justice is the easiest, if humans act with the manners of goodness.

The Creator’s appliance has plans as well, with the help from which the world becomes repaired from its acts of injustice, so that deceased spirits there wouldn’t come more. The deceased spirits have so a very wrongful position, where they can do bad things without that the Creator can do measures in accordance with the holy spirit. Because the deceased spirits are so wrongful, we haven’t done from them but horrific destruction activity in relation to matters.

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