Past lives III


We are in very great scale with in the activity of the spiritual world, when we aren’t at all very wrongful to the ones researching past lives. In our past lives we have lived very beautiful lives and very wrongful lives, in which we have done horrific things, with war action for example.

All our past lives were for a very long time with in the activity, because their influences show in subsequent lives spiritually and physically. We do harm to our other entities, if they have done injustice during their past lives. Because we are very wrongful, we can look during the upcoming lives the balance from past lives also from the part of injustice, when we plan punishments for upcoming lives from past lives.

While the experiences are accumulating we can suspect also with the help of the Creator, that there remains recollections from past lives also for our spirit entity, when such recollections guide the activity of our spirit in very great scale.

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