You are good for your humans on your planet Earth, but not in accordance with the Creator in all your activity. Because nowhere there is activity very great from its proportions, one has to do as all covering much other as well than being difficult for your humans. All our activity is in very great proportion for all entities. Never any of the Creator’s experiences either was done very perfectly, but into everything includes always orthodox punishment activity. Because all aren’t very great from their proportions, it is easier for us to handle single matters for the humans of planet Earth.

Nowhere there isn’t very great activity on the level of galaxies, except Valars have also this activity, to some extent more than others. Although all the functions of the outer space are very great from their proportions while being on the level of galaxies, but although galaxies are small while looked from the spiritual world, like are universes as well according to the outsiders. Everything is so very relative.


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