Our channeling of the day is also activity accepted by the Creator, because for dinner as well one did much activity in favor of the Creator. So the Creator as well gains crumble under the chest on these days better than ever before either. Into the deals of the Creator belongs, that he is let to live in the systems of the planet Earth as an accepted human, although he wouldn’t be very rationally acting. Such activity depicts the Creator’s important functions, where all is strived to be taken into notice in a dormitory as well.

Everywhere one accomplished the greatest chaos of the Creator, where no one has got enemies except always. The hostility of humans comes true always when the Creator as well observes injustice in our entities. Injustice so increases without hostile activity towards the ones who do injustice. Such is controversial, because revenging measures are also very wrongful, although they help in the decreasing of injustice as well. Although the Creator doesn’t accept our hostility from the spiritual world. But in the world there is a permission to hate the ones who’ve done injustice towards oneself, also humans. According to Jesus this is wrongful as well, but although one can’t punish from it, because Jesus doesn’t live in the world.

Injustice from our enemies is so wrongful, that into this hostility towards the ones doing injustice we can’t do punishment measures, but we give a permission into vengeances these being very wrongful in every case. Although injustice at times increases by revenging in vain, when this unnecessary revenging is punishable as well, so no one can really know where the border goes more finally.


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