You are good to our humans because everywhere there is activity of the spiritual world. We can’t do greater upheavals on these days of ours, but we do know how to make your matters more difficult in accordance with the need. We can’t write about matters, where the Creator is with, while the Creator being slightly more wrongful than what the humans are accustomed to on these days. The thoughts of everyone were, that the Creator is loving to his entities, but into the properties of the Creator belongs to be just, which again means that he can’t be good due to injustice. This kind of goodness is perfectly wrongful, and it means that the Creator has to punish due to injustice, and goodness doesn’t fit as a punishment almost ever.

While the Creator being wrongful in greater proportions, there is very wrongful at the world’s humans also due to their own activity. Also the ones without injustice believe that the Creator will punish them, because such entities don’t even exist, which hadn’t done injustice. You are in very great proportions like a child living in a cradle, who doesn’t have the knowing of the real world yet as developed. You’ll have to be more cautious with your injustice, because punishers for others’ injustice there is plenty of in our universe. Such punishing gets accomplished always by the more wrongful entities, than what kind of a wrongdoer the to be punished himself is.

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