All of your doings are in very great proportion in accordance with the Sun as well. The Sun is a very different kind of an entity than your own souls are on your planet Earth. Because all were in very great proportion more wrongful than there would be a need for, we’ll have to do slightly harmful activity as well in your future, to punish your earlier injustices. Because anywhere there wasn’t activity very great from its proportions, you’ll get into slightly more problematic high level learning situations.

Everywhere you are very good leveled also while thinking of the spiritual world, because all, also the Creator’s thoughts, came true. Everywhere you are very decreasing of the beggars as well, but still inequality is an existing problem. Problems will come still on some day due to this. Everywhere there is a possibility also into activity for decreasing of beggars, but also in your next lives you can get into problems, because you were very inequality increasing. You are good for our humans only at times, which is wrongful activity to everywhere.

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