You are good for your humans, but not by the Creator the best from all our humans in your universe. Because you do so much punishments yourselves as well, you don’t observe our activity than only a little. Everywhere one had to do activity in accordance with us, so that no one would act against the spiritual world. Also the Creator held this as an impossibility, but of course this as well is possible, that you would act against the spiritual world, with occultic knowledge, when we wouldn’t do else than wrongful measures to get rid of you, which would be for us slightly easier than you even imagine. Also the Creator is at times against the spiritual world, but in such a life there again isn’t anything more reasonable activity to come, than difficult personal problems and suffering, from which leaves a marking in to the books of life a well. This depicts the Creator’s almightyness, so he is very different than other humans are from their most part.

Also the Creator is very inventive as a human as well, when you should strive into the same in your activity, to cherish inventiveness. All the Creator’s deals functioned as very far reaching to make you more wrongful, so that all would take place in balance. All events of the experience of injustice are very wrongful activity.

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