No one is on this day very friendly to anyone, who is observed to have problems. This is a great injustice, that humans avoid our humans who are in problems. Because to anyone can come problems very easily as well, when support gained from others is very important. Because you haven’t been very wrongful, because with the help from peer support activity you have gained although support persons to ones who’ve experienced similar problems. So this need of yours as well has been fulfilled, and we aren’t very unsatisfied with this activity, but the ones numb from their brain functions are very wrongful when they have not been noticed as humans, but as problems for others.

All the experiences from injustice were very great from their proportions. So all were slightly more wrongful than many others. Because everywhere one was very wrongful, will this activity never end, the angels of darkness want everything to take place very wrongfully, so that from them wouldn’t end works to decrease this injustice. In our darkness one came along very wrongfully with the help of angels, while they guide all who are wandering about in there, so you understood very naively, that from angels there is joy for all and also benefit.

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