Published 13.4.2016

As the witch-king was the Wheel of time. He had a very wrongful meaning to act in the world, with all covering wrongfulness. Because all had injustice with them, could Angmaer as a witch-king do injustice to those doing injustice. The state of all matters also of the wrongful was such, that Angmaer accomplished the plan of Saunron to get rid of the duenedain, who were slightly peculiar humans.

The level of action of all the entities of Angmaer was slightly more curious, because they had intelligence on the level of the Wheel of time. The functions of all the witch-kings are very wrongful. This is due to that no one can do to witch-kings more injustice than what they do to humans. The witch-kings of all the ages functioned very wrongfully in our world. The witch-kings of all the ages do injustice also in later times. Everywhere one had to do injustice, so that the royalties couldn’t do injustice as too eased. Eased injustice for the witch-kings was eased, because others were so right minded, but although very harmful to the things in the surroundings. Everyone had to gain punishments due to this.

Our witch-king during the earlier world order was very wrongful. in such a way that he was very beautiful from his character, to whom it was wrongful to speak in a way that makes things more difficult. He was the spirit of the Wheel of time, which is an appliance enchantment of the spiritual world. From his name he was Er-Muraezor.

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