Published on 20.3.2016

Arthos Menithil had lots to do during the earlier universe. Then the Creator was very wrongful less than was even imagined. Arthos Menithil had so much to do during the tale Warcraft. Warcraft was a good name for this story, because everyone had to strive with warcraft during that time, the world being very chaotic. Never there could have been more wars than this, because at that time all the orcs and elves lived in very different systems, when their worlds were different in relation to each other, which created special differences, which again led to conflicts.

In our world of warcraft there lived some prince, who was the Creator. His name was Arthos Menithil, who had a very wrongful image of life, because he became a king of the undead. Arthos Menithil acted so, that the spirit of the Creator made plans for him, so that he could function so wrongfully. Because he wasn’t very intelligent due to young age. Although he wasn’t a fool, but he acted always in the right way also in relation to others.

Arthos Menithil had very many punishments later, because he had lived a very wrongful life. From this he knew already beforehand, because he had very wrongful activity. No one could oppose Arthos Menithil while he was doing so bad work wrongfully. Punishments he gained from this later so that all were hostile towards him during a very long time. All the elver as well made from him their victim entity, without mortal activity although.

Death came to Arthos Menithil so, that he plunged into destruction from a mountain when he had accomplished everything. The explanation for this was such, that he was claimed to have killed himself while noticing that he had done too much injustice, without that he would have wanted it.

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