What will take place during the next century

At the end of our century will a new age of the world commence. Because all are very wrongful, we’ll have to punish them. Everywhere there will be humans of outer space, with whom one did nothing more wrongful, but they’ll come to help planet Earth to get along better also with humans. Such there has not been for long ages in the history of planet Earth, but they’ll come here to repair slightly this going on also into more suitable for themselves.

All the entities of outer space aren’t good entities, but they know planet Earth fundamentally, when they even as wrongful can repair this planet. Such entities one has frightened also in our Bible as arriving, which has been for the humans of that time a completely unknown threat. In modern times again one knows already about other planets, when this threat is slightly more sensible as thought out. Like the locusts depicting depiction from the upcoming cause for the end of the world, is slightly as depicted by the humans of earlier times.

Such are slightly wrongful matters to write. Although the entities of outer space cause also problems to some humans, because all won’t adjust into collaboration, but want to prevent the development of activity into being more in accordance with the entities of outer space. Such will cause also a war when they’ll arrive. The world won’t however end into this in those times, but we’ll come to live also then in a very developed society system. The world’s ending will come not until anyone has no more got a will to experience this world in the system of planet Earth. What causes the ending of the world is slightly secret information, and from it one doesn’t truly tell to humans. Although it as well will take place sometime.

During the second century one was well within life. This life of entities on this planet of yours was very wrongful, which will continue. Everywhere there is slightly more just. With any wars either are we won’t destroy this planet, but we prevent everything, which could be a great destroyer for your planet. From its technologies planet Earth will develop into very wrongful, but with also advancement in our minds. Everywhere there will be social order, which we haven’t seen for ages.

All entities will do very far reaching plans, where no one has a possibility into more experienced planning, because the occult meaningful planners of yours are slightly weakened, when they can’t manage to accomplish matters while the society opposes their plans that are held as wrongful. This concerns also the Creator, so that he couldn’t do anything more stubborn in the world, so that all wouldn’t get messed up for humans due to great plans.

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