War of the outer space I 


In your war of the outer space one has fought on these days as very far reaching into later times as well. Because you are very different in your opinion, you won’t still get to know the entities of outer space, until there is the time for it. Because everywhere there is very wrongful, you aren’t able to accomplish anything more energy consuming. Everywhere one was very wrongful. 

Valars have weapons more than others together, which makes them very dangerous. From their activity the Valars are very bold. The soldiers of our outer space accomplish a lot more injustice than you even believe. About anything you can’t be very aware of, that the activity of the outer space is the most wrongful activity. So, you are like children in the world of adults, where one is much more wrongful than what you are even accustomed to.  

Your outer space is very different than you have even imagined. From nowhere one finds nothing better activity than from your outer space. There one lives in much more developed societies, where there isn’t much activity decreasing prosperity, and in which also nature is happy, although humans there were no matter how many, we can make for them apartments into dimensions, when the population can grow also much greater. 

From everywhere there came intimidation letters to planet Earth in these days, on the other hand you aren’t able to suspect, what one thinks about you in the outer space, but wars either aren’t unknown for the ones living in the outer space. The humans of the outer space acted very dangerously at times, from which dues that they fight wars also in very wide range. Telling about all the war functions is very wrongful, so we can’t tell more about this matter, except that from the outer space one has already come here to watch, what one could do to your matters.  

War of the outer space II 

The entities of the outer space functioned much more with war activity during these days, when again on the planet Earth one is in more peaceful atmosphere. This dues from that into war activity connects matters of amount, so not into any greater destruction activity either one isn’t afraid of to accomplish in your outer space, because there are very great reasons for it. In your outer space there is so much activity of the spiritual world, that you aren’t able according to our agreements to do comparable monsterings on your planet Earth, because it’s your apartment in the world, from which inhabitants one has to take care of. So, one doesn’t act on the level of the outer space, but outside planets are considered as threats, and those can also be destroyed, always when there is a need to do changes into their systems with a permission accepted by the spiritual world. 

Because nowhere there isn’t any worse activity, you aren’t able to understand the functions of the outer space, where also badness blooms at times, as worse than your understanding has even thought. All is accomplished very wrongfully also in accordance with badness in your outer space, and charity brought by Christians isn’t known. So, it can be at times also on planet Earth at times, but from nowhere one gains knowledge about worse measures, which one can exercise in your outer space, also in accordance with this universe. 

In your outer space one acted very differently in war situations. The first information about a war come without delay, after which all under threat of being in risk of dying is in very great proportion. Also, on the level of planets. Everyone although understands planets to be sacred systems, when destroying those is so cursing, that they can’t do such else than with the permission of the spiritual world, about which they gain information with all kinds of appliances. Because nowhere there haven’t been all covering plan, what one should do after the war, one strives most often to destroy all capability for war action from the enemy, and so one achieves peace. But the entities of outer space don’t avoid either civilians from retaliatory measures. Them being so much in dealings with the matters that caused the war, that they as well are guilty into the lightening up of the war in all ways. 

War of the outer space II 

Your outer space functions well with the measures by the spiritual world. Then there are possibilities for all kinds of traveling and also for sending projectiles for long journeys. Such attacks are the most dangerous, when surprise attacks make everything more nervous. All know, that from nowhere one gains more matters with the help of the spiritual world either, than by living with the information of the spiritual world.  

In your outer space one acted very differently than on your planet. Because you are very differently living, there will come problems from the entities of outer space in later times. So, you will become aware of the complete destructive power of the appliances of the entities of outer space in relation to everything. Because you are very different than the entities of outer space are, you’ll gain slightly studies from them, how to act in our all covering system as well. Never you aren’t in any greater problems, but you’ll gain good information into everything, how to solve your problems.  

From nowhere you can’t accomplish fighting activity with the entities of outer space, because they have dimensional appliances with, which they use always during battles, so you won’t even see their ships before it’s too late. From nowhere you’ll gain very good information, how to get along with the entities of outer space, but you’ll get to know them in the end part of this century. 

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