The galaxy Andromeda


On the galaxy Andromeda there is activity of the Illuminati more than on the Milky Way. The Andromeda is so the galaxy of animal spirits, where influence small birds more than the humans of planet Earth. On the galaxy Andromeda there are very great proportions in relation to the Milky Way. All humans of the Milky Way have in Andromeda very great proportions, because their pets are often ilus of Andromeda.

In the galaxy Andromeda there are very great thoughts from their proportions in relation to you as well. All the functions of Andromeda are very great from their proportions. You are good also in the opinion of andromeda, but never very great.

On the Andromeda there was very much activity in your earlier times. From nowhere you found very great upheavals, being all covering managerings by the Illuminati, unless you have been as humans of the spiritual world on the Andromeda repairing your undone works. You do your works very often as harmful for animals, when you aren’t always let back into the world, before you have received very high level managerings from the Illuminati’s persons on the Andromeda.

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