Published 17.7.2016
In the world of warcraft there was in addition to Arthos Menithil all kinds of activity also by Jaena Proumoere. All the functions of Jaena Proudmoere compared all covering actvity. Jaena Proudmoere was also very wrongful at times while killing small humans so much, that no one dared to oppose the activity of Jaena Proudmoere. Jaena Proudmoere was so the spirit of the Creator.

Jaena Proudmoere acted so, that no one could do more injustice than what Jaena Proudmoere did. Jaena had a very wrongful life as the leading figure of the Kirin Toer. Kirin Toer was, in relation to the activity of Jaena Proudmoere as well, very great from its meaning, when also the Creator did very wrongful plans from the part of Kirin Toer. Kirin Toer acted so, that Kirin Toer was very great from its scale as an all covering wrongful system. No one could oppose the influence of Kirin Toer in its area.

Kirin Toer acted very influentially, because it had so much magic in its use. It was very meaningful. Everyone didn’t have such influence, because all rather did much special thoughts in relation to the Kirin Toer, where one had to be very wrongful.

Kirin Toer and Jaena Proumoere acted so, that everywhere there was wrongful activity by them, because no one could write magics on the level of Jaena Prodmoere. Jaena was a very wrongful spirit, whom had so much to do in our Kirin Toer as well. Jaena had very few spouses, because she did only magics and didn’t care from life as an ordinary human, when she could act in the craziest manner and didn’t become wrongful from the activity of small humans.

Kirin Toer was important in Lordaeron, because the magics of humans won in their magnificence also the elves, while it being so wrongful. Everywhere there was very bad activity during the tale Warcraft, because then there was very wrongful activity. So we couldn’t do more injustice to all humans.

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