The threat of the entities of outer space to planet Earth

In our outer space there was very wrongful folk. They have bad plans for each others’, which are accomplished always when there is a possibility into it. This concerns also your planet Earth, because the entities of outer space have matters for you as well from there. This concerns your security, which has a great meaning for our humans on planet Earth.

All entities of outer space do slightly injustice to you as well in later times, when you should be well equipped towards this kind of threat. This concerns your armed forces and common resistance of injustice, because from injustice you can be punished, which is the greatest reason to problems with the entities of outer space.

In your outer space one was very wrongful due that everywhere were enemies of the valars, although the valars were stronger in relation to their enemies. They thought to destroy the enemies immediately when they gain a permission for this from the spiritual world. Such a permission was terrible to watch, because in it died so many entities of outer space who were under this threat.

The threat of the entities of outer space on to planet Earth is very distant knowledge, because this is only as the Creator’s information. The humans of planet Earth don’t take seriously even warnings from their superiors, because all have very safely imagined themselves as the only ones in the universe. Such is very difficult situation when they arrive here, to accomplish the systems of planet Earth more wrongfully than was even imagined.

In your outer space there is life on quite nearby planets as well in solar systems also factually. This kind of is very terrible to watch also with the eyes of the Creator, because the constructing of planet Earth ends into this attack, because all have been done wrong on our planet Earth, and the entities of outer space will come, so to say, repair the situation, although this primarily means the breaking of all more wrongful with our just system.

The just system functions well when all have knowledge of the spiritual world as ensured, which helps humans to get along better also as humans of the world. Otherwise all will continue, and there will be nothing less in your future as well. As long as you get to pass this difficult situation.

The threat of the entities of outer space to planet Earth II

In our outer space there were very many living entities, who aren’t in any way better than you are either. This is due to that also the entities of outer space resemble humans, although they would be spiritually developed in the outer space. All the shapes of different species isn’t going to be told here, but such information is very wrongful to be told to you also due to Christ. We are slightly wrongful to the inhabitants of planet Earth, while leaving you completely unaware of the entities of outer space.

All did lots of injustice while being aware of the entities of outer space. This is due to that all our entities are very far reachingly with in true activity. The entities of outer space do all kinds of nuisance as well to the inhabitants of planet Earth. This is very wrongful to write about, because the entities of outer space read also our Internet. This is possible to do unnoticed on all sides.

In our outer space one did lots of injustice in bygone times. One did injustice, because all didn’t act juster. The injustices of the entities of outer space were very wrongful activity. There one beated other entities in the most horrible ways. While this being also activity wanted by the occultists of the spiritual world, because the victim systems were ended in these times, when our final judgment was.

Everywhere there came wrongful activity from the part of the outer space, because in our outer space one was very wrongful. The entities of outer space did lots of wrongful activity, because injustice was blossoming in the end times. Such was slightly activity caused by the Creator’s systems, because all our systems are very wrongfully functioning.

The threat of the entities of outer space to planet Earth III

Your threat is real, because no one could do more injustice than you at times are doing there on your planet Earth. The entities of outer space are in very great proportions invading onto your planet at the final part of this century. Then we’ll accomplish purifications, so that all justice will be accomplished with the most complicated punishments. So you’ll gain better grasp from life, when justice has been done to many.

On your planet Earth there will come slightly problems also from our entities of outer space. Because your planet is also very vilely accomplishing the phenomenon of the destruction of nature, from which ensues all kinds of trouble. You are very wrongful, and one can’t do to it other than punishment activity. No one can do more for your favor, when you have to yourselves restrict the destroying of nature, because this is due to greed and negligence and also due to lack of respect towards nature.

The threat of the entities of outer space is very real on some day in your future. No one knows from this more precisely than the Creator. The spiritual world knows this complete matter, when new generations have realized this threat as more real than the humans of earlier generations. The threat is so real, and not either after a very long time. You can only restrict your injustice, if you wish to continue in the same manner as on this day, the entities of outer space won’t be left much other choices than to strive to decrease humans from planet Earth.

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