The powers of darkness III


In our powers of darkness one was wrongful towards other humans also, because your injustice is so real, we have to make the Creator’s deals to end the wrongful activity finally.

The powers of darkness are very great everywhere, because also the occultists want to use those for their magic. Everywhere we are very alienated from the thoughts of occultists, because in modern times humans had to be more naive and without knowledge, if they had not got their own soul in their use on planet Earth. With a soul again all such matters are self-evident, when it isn’t wondrous to use the knowledge gained from the power of darkness.

Everywhere in our darkness, on a very high level as well there were very great scales in earlier times. Such knowledge compares in very great scale all the knowledge of all the ages. In our darkness the Creator’s appliance is the greatest in all the activity, which takes place in the darkness. On the side of light again the Creator is the greatest from his meaning. At times these go the other way around in our knowledge of the world, because the Creator can be physically more darkness like and the Creator’s appliance more luminous.

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