Occultic writings

The complete feature of all the writings is very wrongful activity to a lesser extent, due to safety we are very mediocrical by owning all the knowledge that there have even been written in the world in our earlier times as well. All the writings are very good to accomplish all the most important activity, from which we haven’t found more matters.

The occultic writings function very far-reachingly with the help help of the spiritual world. Then the occultic writings are very far-reachingly within the Creator’s plan while bringing humans knowledge from outside of the religions also from the activity of the spiritual world.

The activity of the spiritual world is so meaningful, that by increasing knowledge from the spiritual world, one achieves another reality into the consciousnesses of humans, from which there is lots of benefit, this being also a real situation, that the spiritual world does matters for humans although it is very hidden activity.

Occultic writings do also their bad work at times, because the occultic writings are far-reachingly very wrongful from the point of view of the world’s human. With occultic writings one is guiding all kinds of activity, where humans are aware of the spiritual world.

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