Date: 28.03.2013

Historical entities functioned very wrongfully in our earlier times. Historical entities are all the entities of our universe, but on the other hand the most historical entities are all in our Creator’s systems eternally living entities.

All our historical entities functioned in earlier times so very wrongfully with the exception of the creator entities. The injustices of all the most historical entities are so slightly better than many other entities’, due to the functions of the creator entity.

Entities are from their historical characteristic the most wrongful as occult meaningful humans. Occult meaningful humans aren’t deceased but otherwise, because their spirit entity has died sometime due to acts of injustice. Such humans live also in modern times very wrongful lives, where the spirit entity doesn’t remain alive.

All the wrongful entities functioned in our modern times like in earlier times, so everywhere are the same humans within activity, like was in earlier times as well. These historical persons can be searched with experienced functions from different kinds of writings from earlier times, and so one can find different kinds of lives, in which the spirit entity has lived in our history.

In our history, there are very many wrongful entities, which had a lot to do with the Creator. The Creator was very wrongful as a historical human. Everywhere in our universes there was lots of wrongful activity.

In our history, one has so lived always with the same group, when it is very harmful to start to act harmfully to the group, because harmfulness will backfire with the lack of acceptance. While lacking acceptance other humans start hostile punishment activity towards the one who acted wrong earlier, when living in the world can become very difficult to the one who acted wrong earlier.

The functions of the world function so, because there is a lot to do, when everyone should be good to humans. Badness isn’t either dangerous, but on the other hand it is held as more dangerous than goodness in modern times. Only injustice is although harmful activity in the end.

The injustices of all our entities are very terrible to watch from the spiritual world, when the functions of all our entities are very cursed from all our entities. Everywhere one acted very wrongfully with our entities. Our entities are very terrible to watch while they are doing injustice.

Everywhere one acted wrongfully with our entities, like is in modern times as well. Our entities had so very much injustice behind them, when everyone deserves punishments very much. The functions of all our historical spirit entities have so developed with injustice.

Developing without injustice is also possible, but it is very difficult. In this way, while developing without injustice, it is although possible for an entity, to achieve the level of the Creator finally in one’s life, which is a very rare situation, but others have achieved this.

All the entities of the Creator function in our systems of the Creator on the level of creator entities at their best, when the Creator is supporting their development, so that entities would develop as much as possible onto the level of the Creator. Our creator entities have spiritual immortality, when they are eternal spirit entities. Such is a very valuable situation for our entities, because then one has achieved the most meaningful matter of the universe, which is that entities could develop onto the level of the Creator.

The entities on the level of the Creator functioned very wrongfully in modern times as well, but this injustice compares the injustice of the Creator, when matters develop more than become destroyed. One creates so advancement. All our entities of the Creator functioned very wrongfully in our earlier times, while being as hostile as possible with the Creator like it is possible for them. Due to this, they are being liked a bit less in modern times, than what they’d deserve.

Becoming treated badly doesn’t suit the Creator’s entities almost at all, when one wants to create punishments to all who have treated other entities badly. Entities can be identified as a same entity from earlier times in our history, when occultists gain information from the injustice of the spirit entities of humans in our history. So one can identify the entities which have done wrong, and conclude what kinds of punishment measures the entity deserves.

In the world as well one so punishes entities due to their earlier acts of injustice. The spiritual world doesn’t even always let the spirit entity into the world, if the entity has done too much injustice according to the spiritual world. To be let back into the world the spirit entity has to know on a very high level, what kind of situation he has in relation to other humans, when the access can be prevented, if the entity has acted too wrongfully while living earlier in the world.

In our spiritual on acted wrongfully to the entities of the Creator today. But so it has been for ages, because one is wrongful to them due to jealousy, which is wrongful. In our spiritual world, it is good to be with the Creator’s deal.

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