Date: 08.04.2013

During all the ages there has been very wrongful activity in earlier times. Also in modern times there has been wrongful activity during the modern realm. The injustices of all the realms of earlier times are very cursing to the realms of modern times. The realms of modern times functioned in a very different way than how one acted in earlier times.

The ages of all the realms aren’t in the knowledge of our realms of modern times, because there is a so long time from those that no one has gained information from the earlier realms, which have existed before our ancient history. Realms have been very different in our ancient history as well than what they are today. The realm of today has although developed from these ancient realms, from which one has gained information also in many different ways.

In earlier times, there were very many different kinds of systems in our realms. Everywhere our entities need systems to accomplish the needs of entities. The systems of the entities are very high level measures made for the entities. For the entities one needs to create systems always, otherwise no one could have developed either in earlier times.

The systems of entities functioned so on the level of very high level writings, which have law books and other guiding functions placed to guide the functions of the system. The law books have a very wrongful functioning, when the law books are matters to be followed on the level of the Holy Scriptures.

During all our realms there have so been much all kinds of activity, that everything has existed as much as possible. So during all the realms one has lived in many different kinds of realms, from which there is information available from the spiritual world.

In our realms, one was wrongful, because the Creator is wrongful also. So is advancement given birth, when entities develop with the help from injustice, because then one learns by taking notice of the consequences of action, was the action beneficial or harmful. The measures of all our entities in the realms of earlier times are very wrongful by viewing in modern times.

Our entities have very wrongful deals to function very wrongfully towards other entities. Injustice is due to that entities are in accordance with the deals. With our entities, one acted very wrongfully.

Our entities in the realms of earlier times acted in a very peculiar manner in the mind of modern times. All our entities acted like in tales, when there were very different kinds of an event more peculiarly than was even imagined. All our entities are very wrongful, because in earlier times there has been very different when compared with modern times.

In the realms of earlier times, one acted with magical powers, with peculiar constructions and with the comprehensive wrongfulness of the system. It wasn’t so strange, that there came lots of victims from wars and famine. Everything functioned so like in tales, which are held as products of imagination, but in reality, nothing is imagination, but in everything, there is the reality within the activity to some extent. Matters can be combined, but anything new one can’t even imagine.

Everything is based on wrongfulness, because it is the price of development. Systems based on wrongfulness functioned always in accordance with the least of injustice, because from injustice, there is also a disadvantage to entities, when one shouldn’t cause injustice in vain.

All our entities in earlier universes and in this universe as well, functioned, like has been mentioned, similarly as in tales and stories. Humans have so lots of experiences from different kinds of ages of realms, when nothing has been like in modern times, except for the wrongfulness of humans. Humans have always been similar quite far from the part of wrongfulness.

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