Date 31.7.2014

Animals have as their communication equipment many kinds of things, which humans don’t understand today. Animals communicate by channeling information, if they aren’t suppressed from their information, like humans are today. The spiritual world functions better for animals as an information transmitting medium than for humans today.

The spiritual world finds eateries as well for animals, which they couldn’t find depended on their senses. By living naturally also humans can gain surprising information from the spiritual world, from that how to find nourishment or useful matters even in modern environment. This is slightly straining information, from that how the suppressed state of humans is harmful for them, because then one can’t, by using luck, find anything useful for themselves.

The functions of all the animals were very wrongful, because no one is as strained as animals are already naturally. All animals are very important to each other, because they have so much to do in relation to each other. This is due to the food chain, when animals have enemies placed by the spiritual world, otherwise animals would have too easy, and then also animals would become more wrongful, if they hadn’t got enemies making life more difficult.

The activity of all the animals compares the Creator slightly better than we can even imagine, because the Creator is the top friend of animals, although all animals are with the help from the Creator more wrongful than is even imagined. So the Creator has made the animals also in modern times to function against each other, so that they would have wrongful activity. Then animals communicate in every way, with which also humans communicate, but the more wrongful from our animals act also by channeling additional information for their activity. Then they have intelligence on the level of the spiritual world, when their activity is very planned and functioning in relation to everything.

All our animals are very peaceful only when they are good to be. Our animals aren’t so almost at all hostile. This is due to the hostile getting to become a victim, because in the animal kingdom the hostile aren’t able to function with their full features, but the predators catch easier the cursed animals as well. So the spiritual world guides everything also in the animal kingdom and the wrongful gain problems also as animals in the Creator’s system.

The language of all the animals is picture language; they understand so picture language while channeling. Some have also a voice, with which one can inform to animals understandable information through channeling. All our animals act very wrongfully, but better than humans indeed. So animals have healthier on the level of the spiritual world than how the wrongful life of humans is.

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