The challenges of modern times I, II, III


The Challenges of modern times I

The challenges of modern times are all covering injustice technologically. No one is able to accomplish all covering injustice either, without greater eases with the help from machines. Nature as well gets to be a target of this, which is very problematic for all humans as well. Very problematic entities are good for all less than was even imagined.

All entities should in accordance with the challenges of modern times accomplish all wrongfulnesses as well in accordance with the Creator’s terms. Into these belong the unnoticing the wrongful and the increase of own assets, with the help from which all weaker would be aided. The Creator acts well in general everywhere, was this injustice or justice. The Creator’s systems are unbelievably funny for the less wrongful, but for all the Creator’s entities there is activity belonging to them, when the warriors as well accomplish their own functions as accepted by the Creator.

The all covering injustice of the Creator comes forth when one starts to speak about injustice while it starts to bloom. So, the Creator’s activity supports all possible, and does not border the activity of humans almost in any way.  

The Challenges of modern times II

In modern times there are as challenges all kinds of writings, which are according to our understanding as all covering wrongful. These are many political writings of yours, which function very peculiarly. For example, you have not been able to gain into your world a right kind of order, but you quarrel who gains to be the greatest according to others, so this is very childish behavior and not in any way based on reason.

Because everywhere one was very wrongful, you are not able to accomplish else than these kinds of measures. Jesus is a good helper into this problem, so that you would learn to act as less helped by the occultists and so being fooled by the occultists as well. Your sacrificial models are for all the same in value, so you are not able to accomplish activity in accordance with the systems of sanctity.

The systems of sanctity are systems developed by the Creator. So, the Creator as well has made for you systems, which you can when wanted to take into your use, which likely will take place. In the Creator’s systems there is an all covering level of activity from root to top. 

The Challenges of modern times III

In modern times there was very meaningful activity for our groups of outer space, because they strive to get to be with in the activity of planet Earth in later times.  Such activity will come to upheave all systems on planet Earth and also causes a catastrophe before anyone braves to put his life in danger for the well being of planet Earth.

In our outer space one acts in very same manner as in the spiritual world on the level of materials. Because the spiritual world can do matters for the entities of outer space without that they have to do matters themselves. Such is very wrongful activity according to the inhabitants of planet Earth because they have to accomplish everything with the own strength.

Never you have tried to act with all covering injustice either, because high level writings are good according to you as well. Nowhere there is not high-level activity except in the spiritual world, because in the world survival is the number one matter and one does not strive on the level of the spiritual world to wonder all kinds of experiences by everyone.

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