Safe life according to the spiritual world I, II, III


Safe life according to the spiritual world I

Safe life according to the spiritual world fulfills all injustices as avoided as well, so such is impossible to accomplish in the physical world. Into safe life belongs the meaning of life, with which a human buy to himself time to live in the world. Completely hopeless cases the spiritual world removes from breathing there. This does not mean all dying, but only those who are harmful only.

Into safe life belongs all covering injustice as well, like you noticed being safe in the world has been made completely impossible. Into safe life belongs all covering injustice as well. So, you can be for your enemies wrongful and so protect yourselves from their harmful activity. You are dangerous folk for all, and not only to yourselves.

Safety is the good feeling of all and noticing others, so no one experiences themselves as being treated wrong and all will get along with each other without the structures of inequality. Neither no one will then have a wrongful position. Anyone’s lacks one should not either abuse, but all will be tried to be held as equal.

Safe life according to the spiritual world II

Safe life is wholly impossible in the world, so we can make from your lives safer, as long as you will not yourselves execute this for all. Everywhere one was very concealed as safe because you can act as concealed as safe.

Because everywhere one was so safety seeking, you can strive into this matter, without succeeding in it. Always someone experiences injustice in all situations, which endangers your situation as well when safety breaks. All humans without injustice experience safety only for some time because safety is a gift of the spiritual world for your humans, which have acted in accordance with the spiritual world.

Safety of all weakened humans as well is important to them, and no one can be completely insecure, because a soul experiences everything as a by traveler, and is not as itself but making decisions in relation to the matters of humans, on the other hand if the soul lives in a body and is not as separated, can safety be experienced also while the body feels insecurity, because a soul fears nothing.

Safe life according to the spiritual world III

The feeling of safety of everyone have been decreased in modern times, which depicts humans’ understanding about a wider feeling of safety than this to be accomplished only from the part of the well off. Nothing is breaking safety, because everything is suitably unsafe and wrongful insecurity there is not even existing. All connects to everything, and you can yourselves influence into your own experiences. Plain insecurity is often a matter thought as lacking, and this should not drive anyone into insecurity.

Because the entities of outer space as well experience insecurity are their needs to achieve many kinds of matters, from which feeling of insecurity is only one matter to be considered. In any way you can not experience the feeling of security if you are not yourselves able to it even in a as if safe environment either.

The feelings of insecurity of everyone are in our opinion wrongful for all, so from everything there follows a punishment. You can only border your injustices and not gather more safety, because this is only one experience among other, and not any to be desired main issue during your life.

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