The activity of the entities of outer space I

Our outer space functions in a very different way than from which you know on your planet Earth from this activity. In our outer space there is lots of also activity accepted by the Creator for your ufos as well. In your outer space there are very thick clouds as well, which look like clouds, but are truly ships of the entities of outer space. Inside the clouds these kinds of flight equipment can do researches in more visible form, like by using the disturbance activity accepted also by the Creator for all your humans.

Activity of our outer space compares the science fiction imaginings in very great proportion. You are slightly less knowing about all the matters of the outer space. So we do from the outer space activity accepted also by the Creator. Because in your outer space one did much injustice, also the Creator wanted them to show to the humans of the planet Earth to a lesser extent.

Because also the Creator is wrongful, we can’t do anything more peculiar than to end injustices with our systems. So you will get to know experiences of injustice accepted by the spiritual world.

The activity of the entities of outer space II

You are good for your humans accepted by the outer space to a lesser extent. Yor activity is being watched in the outer space as irresponsible in relation to the punishment activity of wrongful humans. In their opinion in the outer space the punishments are harder for the reason, that injustice wouldn’t get out of control like has taken place. The entities of our outer space act in very different ways than how one acts on the planet Earth. With our entities of outer space one did also from beggars useful, so that they aren’t needed to educate to be in accordance with the world with injustice.

In our outer space there are also very wrongful entities, whose injustice was done slightly everywhere. For such entities death sentences are daily always when they are only found by the right minded. Such death sentences are for the entities of outer space very daily as well. Because you are so wrongful on your planet Earth, you’ll have to be cautious of the activity of the entities of outer space, because they are more right minded, which can cause all kinds of wrongful for you on to your planet Earth.

In your outer space there are all kinds of creatures, because as their task is to acquaint with all kinds of injustice in accordance with planet Earth. For our humans this acquaintance means, that they observe their activity, from which there are good consequences for our entities of outer space, while this helps the entities of outer space in the development of humanity.

The activity of the entities of outer space III

To everywhere there came very literal events, which weren’t allowed to end due to the activity of the entities of outer space in later times. The functions of our outer space were wholly very wrongful, when anyone wasn’t allowed to give good functions in our use either by the entities of outer space. To everywhere came very great experiences of injustice from their proportions, when the entities of outer space come back onto planet Earth to inhabit this planet known by everyone.

Our outer space is very wide in range, where lives lots of different nations, like on our planet Earth. Everywhere one was so wrongful in modern times, that the spiritual world decided to organize the entities of outer space into new order. Everywhere one was in very great proportion doing an all covering concentration camp activity of the outer space, when the Valars are very wrongful to all other entities of outer space.

Your activity of the outer space continues in a very interesting way also by the Creator, when the Creator as well gets to know the entities of outer space in very great proportion later in his life with the help of the spiritual world. This dues from that the planet Earth has to acquaint with the entities of outer space first by a middle man, and not until then get to know between each other, when there won’t come surprises more unpleasantly than you can even imagine.

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