Date: 15.8.2013

The technologies of the entities of outer space function in a different way than the technologies of planet Earth. The technologies of planet Earth are greater from their size than the corresponding technologies of outer space. In relation to the entire technologies, one acted wrongfully in our magical technologies of the outer space.

In our outer space, there are lots of our technologies received from the spiritual world. These kinds of technologies are more perfect than was even imagined. Our entities had a very wrongful functioning in relation to the technologies, because the armed forces are from our technologies the greatest from their proportions. From our technologies of outer space one should know this kind of matter, that the spiritual world can make the technologies for the entities of outer space and also for planet Earth.

In our outer space, there are very high level technologies as self-made as well. The wrongfulness of all the technologies is in the self-made technologies very large from its scale as well. Self-constructed technologies functioned usually in such a way, that all the technologies should be including very wrongful activity.

All our technologies are very wrongful information to write about, but although the technology information is writeable very comprehensively. The entities of outer space don’t although want the planet Earth to know from the technologies of the outer space, when everything has to be accepted also by the entities of outer space. All the information is so secret information, which connects to the technologies of outer space.

The technologies of the outer space functioned very wrongfully in relation to planet Earth. Such technology level is very wrongful also when compared with the technology level of the planet Earth. In our technologies, there is in the outer space a very different kind of functioning than on our planet Earth today in relation to technologies. All the technologies of the outer space functioned in a very different way than the electrical systems, which one uses on planet Earth.

The land forces for our entities of outer space are very wrongful computer programs from their behavior, when observing them as physical entities is very demanding, because everything is so well thought out on the level of the program that no one is able to keep up when the appliances of the entities of outer space are in function. The technologies of outer space are very powerful materially as well. All the materials are separately manufactured very finely, when their features differ very much from the materials of planet Earth.

Sometime you as well will learn the features observable in many different ways of the manufacturing of materials, with the help from which the materials can function with the help from and with biological materials and very seamlessly. This means that the biological materials upheld by the spiritual world can be combined even more delicately into materials than what one has been able to develop today. These kinds of materials can gain completely new features, when into them are connected functions on the level of the spiritual world, which the biological materials have always had.

The entities of outer space functioned in relation to everyone very specially, because they have huge resources and amount of humans rotating their functions. Everyone’s matters should so be well on planet Earth in relation to the entities of outer space, because in another case, you will experience the technologies of the outer space on the level of armed forces targeting yourselves, because wrongful planets will be destroyed with the help from the spiritual world with our entities of outer space.

These injustices haven’t still yet been caused, from which an invasion could ensue, but such a situation isn’t very far, in which the entities of outer space gain permissions from the spiritual world to attack the inhabitants of planet Earth in a very wrongful way.

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