Questions to a divinity

Q: How are these ordinary lives in Hell after death more precisely?

A: After death can a new life begin in Hell, and into it doesn’t connect any kind of punishment activity.

Q: From which matters are humans being punished in Hell and what for?

A: In Hell one punished humans due to injustice, because of it everywhere would be more justice. Humans will become punished from all the injustice.


Q: Why does badness exist?

A: Badness exists as a counterpart for goodness. Badness is always within all the activity, like there is goodness as well.

Q: How does badness differ from goodness?

A: Badness and goodness don’t differ from each other almost at all, but everything is possible to be thought out in either way. Badness and goodness are so only thought constructions and an opinion difference due to entity’s own desires.


Q: Why is there badness in the world?

A: Badness in the world is more permanent than was even imagined. Badness is just always and forever. This doesn’t although mean that badness should be because of itself, but that everywhere humans are more wrongful than was even imagined when they have to be punished with goodness and badness. Also a good matter can lead to a problem, like is the matter with badness.

Q: Are goodness and badness so both punishments from acts of injustice?

A: From acts of injustice one is punished in every way, this requires at times goodness from entities, which is very dangerous as well. Badness again is clearer punishment from injustice, but not although greater from its meaning.


Q: Are you a completely good entity?

A: I’m a completely good entity as much is possible.

Q: How does goodness occur in you?

A: Goodness occurs in me like in others.

Q: How does goodness occur, for example?

A: I help other humans so much.


Q: How does a human have to live to enter Heaven?

A: Human has to live a good life.

Q: What is a good life like when said more precisely?

A: Such, where one hasn’t been bad to other humans.

Q: How is this badness like in modern times, which prevents the entry into Heaven?

A: In modern times the entry into Heaven is prevented due to negligence.


Q: What does a divinity do daily?

A: The divinity acts very much with family.

Q: Does he have other activity as well?

A: Yes very much.

Q: How is this other activity like?

A: I think very wrongful matters at times.

Q: What kinds of matters do you think about for example?

A: I think all kinds of small matters for you there into the world.


Q: Are you in dealings with the world religions?

A: I’m in dealings with the world religions.

Q: In what kind of way are you in dealings with the world religions?

A: I think new activity for them very much.

Q: How is this new activity like, which you think about?

A: All kinds of matters, which shouldn’t be revealed this easily.


Q: What kind of outlook do you have?

A: I’m this kind of fifty years old. My hair is dark brown.

Q: What kind of body structure do you have?

A: I’m slightly in a sturdy condition.


Q: What do you know about the future of the inhabitants of planet Earth?

A: Our planet Earth has very bad future views with the groups of outer space.

Q: What do you know of this specific matter?

A: I know about it also a bit more than what one knows on planet Earth. I’ve studied this matter very much.

Q: How have you studied this matter?

A: I’ve studied it a bit in every way.

Q: How do you experience this threat for planet Earth?

A: I experience this matter as very dangerous for planet Earth.

Q: Is there possible to find a solution for this kind of situation of planet Earth?

A: No there isn’t but otherwise.

Q: What kind of solution is there to be found for this?

A: Such that all are very kind to the groups of outer space, when the groups of outer space don’t receive a permission to punish the inhabitants of planet Earth. This isn’t most likely going to happen.


Q: Is the divinity omniscient?

A: I’m not omniscient.

Q: Is any entity omniscient?

A: Only the Creator is omniscient.

Q: Where does this originate?

A: From that the Creator is omniscient while being everywhere all the time.


Q: What is your relation to the demons?

A: Demons are slightly different from entities of Heaven, so I’m not a friend of the demons.

Q: In which way are the demons different from the entities of Heaven?

A: The demons have so bad thoughts, and they don’t function in accordance with the entities of Heaven.

Q: Where might these matters originate?

A: They originate from the activity of the demons, which is very wrongful at the demons.


Q: What is your relation to Jesus?

A: Jesus is slightly more wrongful than was even imagined, so I’m not almost at all in dealings with him.

Q: Have you ever as a divinity been in dealings with him?

A: I haven’t even seen him.


Q: What kinds of thoughts do you have for the inhabitants of planet Earth?

A: I’d like them to be better to each other traditionally.

Q: In which way could they achieve this in your opinion?

A: They could achieve this by counting less their money.

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