Earlier times of the very developed entities

Published on 22.10.2012


All our entities had in earlier times lots of things as blessed, which the Creator had created them. The high level of activity of all matters was very wrongful activity. With very high level writings one achieves advancement, because high level writings decrease the limitations of humans. All limited writings haven’t got the same level of activity which many other writings have.

All our entities have a wrongful function, with which one can create stories from earlier times. The earlier times are very wrongful information, but although from them one can write lots of different kinds of texts. The functions of all the entities became wrongful in the goings-on of earlier times into cursed functions most often.

Our super entities functioned in earlier times in a very different environment. In the goings-on of earlier times one was living very differently. All our entities had very different functions, so in earlier times one acted also very wrongfully than how one acted even in the times known in modern times. The measures of earlier times were very cursed, so even the Creator chuckled to his acts of injustice, which is very unordinary from the Creator on this day.

Our wrongdoers were occultic also as wrongdoers. These kinds of wrongdoers have been very harmful to all the others. The Creator was as such always at times. Our occultic injustices have been a matter frightened by the Creator in modern times, because the occultic injustices connect to the less-developed time of the universe. The occultic injustices of all wrongdoers will always become punished, if the wrongdoer is a developing entity, in other case spirit entities might slowly die due to occultic wrongdoing.


All the occultic wrongdoers functioned very wrongfully during a certain high level time, when only super entities have lived. Because it is very long time ago, from which entities that have survived up to later times are all super entities. The functions of the super entities are due to very far developed consciousness, which has developed for the spirit entity of a super entity. The consciousnesses of all our entities are developed from super entities.

The cursed functions started to seem good when everything is as cursed. Such going on was as wrongful as we can only imagine. This ability to imagine things is due to the lives of earlier times in our consciousness, in which all kinds of activity have been exercised.

In earlier times the functions of all the entities were similar to today’s. All the entities were very wrongful in earlier times, because then one was with the help from systems wrongful towards everyone. With the help from all our systems in modern times one is much easier within life. One did lots of evil work with all our most wrongful entities in earlier times. The super entities functioned also so at times.

Our super entities had, for example, the most wrongful activity sometime very long time ago in a different universe. In the earlier universes, one has lived very long periods of time and the activity has been very different than what it is in modern times. The earlier universes have partly compared with the today’s going on quite a lot. This most wrongful time for our super entities was five universes ago, when one lived in a very distant place.


All our entities were then in the systems of the Creator, when injustice was in the control of the entities of the system, but injustice was a lot more than today or even during other times. Very wrongful entities did their evil work to destroy the advancement of the universes.

Our universes are the most wrongful to think of as functioning finally, because then wakes up the interest to break the systems of the universe wrongfully. All our universes are intricate constructions, which one can’t break although.

All our universes have been wrongful, and the most wrongful activity has exercised the Creator, which has although been punishment activity from him. So the Creator has done injustice to his entities deserving punishment, so that they would become repaired from their spirit entities from their acts of injustice.

All the entities of the Creator were very wrongful in earlier times, because then there was very different kind of activity. All very developed entities had so many acts of injustice with them in earlier times that everything went very wrongfully. The entities of all earlier times have lived so long periods of time that writing from those would take more than a lifetime, because spirit entities are at times eternal, when there have remained such spirit entities of eternally living entities up to modern times and up to later times as well.


All eternal spirit entities are on the level of the Creator from their functions, especially from this part that their soul can’t die anymore into anything, because such entities have found the eternal life. Functions become perfected in a very demanding way, when the spirit entity can find the eternal life, which is wanted for all entities from the Creator.

All deceased entities have become destroyed due to wrongdoing, so when a spirit entity has done injustice towards other entities, the spirit entity dies always from some part. If such cursing activity continues, the spirit entity might die completely from its functions and become deceased. This doesn’t although apply to the ones who have found the eternal life, because their functions have developed over death, when their spirit entity can never become destroyed.

The death of a spirit entity is also for the Creator a very wrongful matter, because he has caused the death of many spirit entities of wrongdoers, although he hasn’t; because spirit entities can’t die else than with own wrongdoing, which are due to the choices of a spirit entity and will. Spirit entities die very often while acting wrongfully, but such death of a spirit entity is caused during a very long period of time slowly, if the spirit entity acts wrongfully continually.

Our spirit entities function in the Creator’s systems very wrongfully. It has been like this during all times. With the help from the Creator, one can gain information from earlier times, when the situation has been very different than even during known history. Truly even history isn’t known completely. More orthodox knowledge of history belongs to the spiritual world, where one knows all matters taken place in different times. Also occultists know these events in history, to some extent.


The occult history includes everything from being a forest human to interstellar travel. During all times, one has done lots of injustice for us to advance the system, where all injustice is tried to be taken into notice, so that injustice would decrease finally in our universes.

The entities of our universes don’t know the occult history but otherwise. The occult history is saved also with the Creator’s agreement into many tales known to us, which are at times very precise information of history; because the spiritual world guides the creation of the works containing occult history, when the writers gain ideas and information from the spiritual world from the events and persons of unknown earlier times.

Everywhere in our universes the creator entities have very high level activity with the Creator’s deal. The creator entities are spirit entities, which have developed onto the highest level, which have as their feature spiritual immortality; like the Creator has. Along with time many spirit entities have become developed as creator entities on the level of the Creator, which still live both in the world, in the spiritual world and also in our universe.

The creator entities have lots of possibilities to act also while being in the world, and they are supported still a lot, because their activity is very advanced most often. Our creator entities function in our universe always at times also on planet Earth where the creator entities might advance the system of planet Earth together with the Creator.

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