Listenings of the forest 9.


Q: Who are here?
A: The most heartful guardians of ancient graves.
K. What are you doing here?
A: We are guarding this location.
Q: What kind of activity is there here?
A: We would answer more honestly if you’d speak in a more straightforward way.
Q: About what could you tell about?
V: About our ice age we are not able to tell, we are younger than this, but we can tell you, what in earlier times you’ve done here.
Q: Would you tell something about earlier times?
A: One lived here is small communities, which were slightly different, as clans one called these as well. Everyone didn’t have matters very well, because there was so little food. As less than you can even imagine. From nowhere you’ve found enemies, because all wanted to be with a peaceful mind. This is due to the spiritual world of our area, where also the Creator has been with in activity.
Q: Which humans from that time you represent?
A: This information belongs to all.

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