About the website

This website consists of esoteric information by the author of the website Samuli Aalto. The information mainly concerns religious and historical characters, extraterrestrial presence, alternative sciences and spiritual information. All the information on this website requires from the reader critical thought, which is necessary when reading different kinds of channeled information, which this website consists of.

About the author

The author of this website Samuli Aalto has experience from channeling beginning from the year 2009, when he had developed his channeling ability up to a point, that he could contact entities in other dimensions by only using his mind as a tool. He has also studied the main religious teachings of world religions, to some extent, also by being as an active member in some of the religions in his past. He has also completed a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Introduction to the writing method

Writings have been written by channeling information from the spiritual world. The author has written the writings directly from dictations of the entities of the spiritual world. Channeling takes place in thoughts, when the channeler gains information with the magic of the spiritual world, by gaining information from different kinds of entities of the spiritual world. The entities of the spiritual world are very wrongful, when the information which has been gained through channeling can include very wrongful information.

The wrongful information is although possible to be right information as well, from which one can’t gain full certainty. However, there isn’t guarantee from the right of the information, when the reader himself has to evaluate, if the information is possibly right information. At its best, the information gained from the entities of the spiritual world is very advancing when it’s both logical and reasonable as well.

The information of the entities of the spiritual world concerns the Creator very much, like the Creator’s systems as well and also thoughts about justice and injustice. This kind of information can be slightly frightening, but although the considering of the justice of matters is advancing in a general sense. The writings can so be said to include such considerations in different kinds of situations about the meaning of justice and injustice and from their reasons and also causes.

For the author, the information gained often includes new information, when the author himself doesn’t have information from the contents of the writing almost at all beforehand, although at times different kinds of matters come also from the thinking of the author into the writing. However, the entities of the spiritual world have dictated all the contents while the author writes them directly in accordance with the dictation.