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Published on 11.9.2012


Everyone has wrongfulness with them, because the Creator is so wrongful. This is due to the actions of the Creator in earlier times.

In our new areas, there is very much to develop, because all the areas are wrongful originally. Injustices are disappearing in modern times better than was even imagined. All injustices aren’t leaving away although quite in the near future.

Everyone has lots of injustice with them, because entities have lots of lacks of activity. Entities are very twisted entities, because from entities one brings about lots of functions as twisted. Entities are very twisted from all entities.

Entities are very twisted from all entities, because entities have lots of side person entities in their mind’s functions. All entities are very twisted from side person entities, because this is a function wanted by the system of the divinity. Everyone has lots of side person entities, when everyone is in the guidance of the spiritual world. The spiritual world guides entities, because the spiritual world has to hold onto its position.

The entities of the spiritual world are the most wrongful entities. The entities of the spiritual world have in their minds only to develop onto the level of the humans of the world. The entities of the spiritual world are less developed, when injustice is due to their need to develop.

Due to greater need for development, all the entities of the Creator are very wrongful. All entities have injustice with them, when all the entities have needs to develop. All entities are very wrongful due to this. Entities are wrongful, because the need to develop is a wrongful function. The need to develop of the entities is much-needed activity, when the entities have to develop to become better functioning entities. Due to the need to develop of the entities, the entities have to do injustice in similar scale as in which they have to develop.

Entities have lots of needs to develop also on planet Earth. The entities are very cursed, because the entities of planet Earth do their acts of injustice, so that they could develop. All cursed entities are very wrongful due to the actions of other entities. All entities are very functioning in our systems of planet Earth, when there is a good system on planet Earth. The systems have been created onto planet Earth for us to gain advancement.

Advancement is wrongful activity very rarely, because injustice is controllable in advancement. Then injustices don’t do their evil work for the destruction of entities. All entities have to do Creator’s deals, so that they could understand our systems. All entities have this kind of ability to make Creator’s deals, when they have to accept the Creator as a stronger entity than what they are, and not to go to compete with the Creator. Competing with the Creator is more dangerous than was even imagined, because the Creator holds them as his enemies, when all the injustice is loose while fighting with the Creator. The Creator holds them as his enemies, because the Creator doesn’t accept rivals, when competing is wrongful activity. In competition situation, one aims only to win the other on a physical level, when advancement is born only little, if at all.



All entities are entities living in the Creator’s systems. All systems have very much injustice with them; like also the Creator’s system. In our systems of the Creator, all entities are very cursed entities, when everyone has injustice with them.

All entities have a lot to do with other universes. The entities of the universes live in side universes always at times, when in the side universes, one lives in a very different kind of situation than what one lives on planet Earth in our today. The side universes are full of dangerous activity, when in our side universes one is in very different kinds of life situations.

All the entities of side universes have lots of injustice with them, because in side universes, one does injustice a lot more than on planet Earth. The entities of planet Earth are in side universes at times; this kind of visit into side universes is possible with the help from the spirit entity. The entities of planet Earth visit side universes always at times, because the humans of planet Earth are being punished from bad activity by sending them into a side universe, where matters go worse or better according to the needs of the spirit entity.

Spirit entities have all the abilities to make new side universe visits anytime; because the spirit entity can move completely without that the body observes the change from this kind of visit into a side universe. Through channeling one can although gain information from such situation, when the body observes the new visit in a side universe of a spirit entity by observing the spiritual world of the surroundings through channeling.

All the channeled spirit entities are very twisted in new side universes, when observing the change of the spiritual world brings forth information from a possible visit in a side universe. In side universes, there is very wrongful activity through channeling, so all entities in side universes are very twisted entities to the new spirit entity visiting their universe. Our universes are possible to become created again, and they can be made endlessly with an eased function. Then one can achieve very many universes both similar to each other and universes that are different from each other. All different universes are undependable from each other. Only the inner functioning of the universes can curse the universes.



Universes are as cursed very twisted even up to a point, that the universe has to be destroyed very wrongfully. All the entities, although move then to another universe before the collapse of the universe. This kind of collapse of the universe dismantles the universe from its curses, and the entities don’t become cursed more from the cursed universe. The cursed universe doesn’t live anymore after this, because the cursed universe is broken into the smallest parts, which nothing can break. Such small parts are like living entities, which won’t break into anything.

The smallest parts are from their physical dimensions so small, that no one can even think about them as existing. They are although very little rotators for our universe. Everything consists in the end from these small parts. Small parts do their good work to make everything better; these small parts aren’t so wrongful unlike greater parts, which consist from these small parts. Wrongfulness in the greater parts is very cursed activity, because the greater parts gain in the systems of the Creator, greater power, which is very difficult to understand to these great parts. These great parts are everything that exists, and all these parts are wrongful. Wrongfulness is due to lacking activity, so there are always new things, which the system hasn’t been able to learn yet, and so injustice becomes possible.

In our side universes one lived the most wrongful time in modern times, because in modern times, there were the most personal problems. All personal problems were due to the Creator’s agreement, that all are allowed to be as wrongful as they want to, so injustice was blossoming in modern times before the final judgment which was in modern times.

Side universes are the most wrongful areas, because in our side universes, one acted without the guidance of the system of the spiritual world to a greater extent. Unlike it was on planet Earth, which is continually in the guidance of the spiritual world. Then in side universes one acted a lot more wrongfully.

Side universes functioned a bit oddly. In those there isn’t always just activity at all, but they function with wrongful systems. Wrongful systems function very unjustly. Wrongful systems are wrongful, because they function without advancement, so wrongful system isn’t advancing but it functions with a harmful intent.



Wrongful entities are very twisted, because all wrongful entities function inadequately and so become cursed from both own activity and from the activity of others. Wrongful entities are at times in the multiverse wrongful with the help from the side universes. This is due to the curses into the side universes, when entities curse worse activity into the side universes.

In our side universes, there are lots of all kinds of activity. The side universes are full of entities, like are all the other universes of the multiverse. The universes, which are smaller from their meaning, are called side universes. In all universes, there are lots of all kinds of activity. At times, activity is different kind of than in our today’s universe, because in other universes, there are different kinds of systems.

The systems in our side universes are organized very badly at times. This is due to different kinds of organizers of the universe, which create the systems for the universe. Different kinds of universes there are so very many, into which one can even gain contact through channeling. Furthermore, information from other universes is possible to be gained with the help from the spiritual world.

All our universes have wrongful parts of the system, but on planet Earth, there are systems organized by the Creator, when if a similar planet to our planet Earth organized by the Creator is found from any universe, it is a very similar universe to our universe of today.

Planet Earth exists in every universe, but organized by the Creator planet Earth is found only from certain universes. In other universes, where there doesn’t exist planet Earth organized by the Creator, has the universe been organized by another organizer, which isn’t more orthodoxly the Creator, but an entity functioning as his substitute.

All the entities of our side universes have the Creator in their mind, although, because all the entities of the side universes know on the level of the spiritual world that they live in a side universe. The substitute of the Creator understands also his own situation, in which he is as a substitute of the Creator and not as an original Creator, unlike one could easily imagine in a side universe.



The Creator’s substitute in a side universe has gained magics of the original Creator in his use, when the Creator’s substitute is in a better position than other entities. As a substitute of the Creator it is so safer to be, than as an ordinary inhabitant of a side universe. The substitute of the Creator is called more orthodoxly a creator entity of a side universe.

The creator entities in the side universes are super entities. They are holier than ordinary humans. This is due to their greater capacity, which is a congenital feature for spirit entities, which are super entities.

Creator entities do their good work to advance their universe, but at times they act against their original meaning. Our creator entities have a lot of meaning in the development of their universe. This is due to that, they have greater capacity, as a result of which they have lots of more possibilities to act in their universe.

Creator entities are at times more wrongful than they should be according to the Creator’s system. The Creator has set conditions for ending up as a creator entity, which are very strict. The entity, which will seek to be a creator entity, has to be a very kind human. He has to also be very proper, and he isn’t allowed to act wrongfully else than when necessary.

Entities will have punishment activity to come, if they function wrongfully. This concerns also creator entities in their side universes. Creator entities are at times less aware of this, when they can become wrongful in their position, because they lack then the information from the consequences of wrongdoing. For creator entities, the ensuing punishments are usually very wrongful for the creator entity, because they cause enormous suffering to the entities of their universes with their lacking and harmful activity.

There is lots of wrongful activity in side universes when compared with the main universe, because there is less magic made by the Creator. So the creator entity of a side universe is usually slightly more lacking from his functions when compared with the Creator, which leads into a greater amount of injustice done. The Creator acts in the main universe, where the functioning is thought the furthest.



In our side universes, functions lots of different entities. The side universes function so in a very similar way concerning the main universe. In the main universe, lives usually the original entities, from which one can create inhabitants into the side universes, which resemble the original entity at times. The original entities are entities born prior to the introduction of the ancients, which have very developed functions. From them one can so create new entities, with the help from which the side universes function.

In side universes, function lots of creator entities. Their functions were similar to the Creator, but the creator entities of the side universes had a different kind of operating environment and thus in side universes, there was very different than in the main universe. There are so many different kinds of side universes, that into their activity belonged very many different kinds of events and ages.

During different ages of the side universes has taken place a lot of injustice. Entities in side universes have done their evil work to destroy side universes. Similar activity has existed also in the main universe. In our side universes, there is lots of wrongful activity, because the creator entities of the side universes are very twisted entities.

In our side universes, all entities find in every way the Creator with the help from channelings, when the entities of our side universes become aware, that they live in a side universe of a creator entity and not in the main universe, where the original Creator lives. The creator entities of our side universes function in a very cursed way in relation to the Creator, because they want to be like the original Creator, although without being able to, when the entities of our side universes know that the creator entity is wrongful, if the creator entity imagines that he is like the original Creator.

Our side universes are held as dangerous information, which good entities shouldn’t know of on planet Earth, because this kind of information can cause problematic activity. Problematic activity is born from delusions of grandeur, which causes very wrongful activity in thoughts. Such is a very messing way of thinking, in which one thinks that there is everything enough and to spare, even up to spoiling. While thinking as enough and to spare one does easily injustice concerning matters, because more orthodoxly all matters are in the end same in value, and so one can’t give room for injustice; no matter how much things were in the consciousness of an entity.



In our consciousness, there is in modern times the vastness of this single universe, which still isn’t a lot, because in the dimensions of the spiritual world one can say to exist things endlessly. Such is the phenomenon, which belongs to the Creator’s activity. Entities, although have at times only few things in their use, which is advancing for the development of entities, because entities develop with difficult activity better, than if entities had everything abundantly. In addition, entities share things, so one has to in the end take notice the need of other entities, and no one can have everything for themselves.

Our entities have a very twisted procedure to steal things from others. Stealing is very common also in modern world. This is due to the possibilities of the world to do injustice to other entities. Entities do injustice always to ease their own matters. This is although harmful to the ones doing injustice, because the systems of the spiritual world punish always all the injustice, if the entities don’t repair their wrongdoing. Injustice has to be repaired, because the spirit entity of the ones who do injustice becomes destroyed due to wrongdoing, when the spirit entity decays from its functions.

Our spirit entities have lots of activity proposals for the Creator, when the Creator does according to the requests, if it’s allowed. Functioning according to the requests is a typical activity of the Creator. The Creator’s functions are very wrongful, but he is still nice to humans. Every Creator’s entity does their good work to advance the matters of the Creator’s creations. They have the Creator’s deals as made, in which wrongfulness is in fewer proportions. The spiritual world has set the Creator’s deals as very important measures. Into the Creator’s deals belongs the accepting of the Creator in all his imperfection and to allow him to act without opposition. It is against the Creator’s deals to start to compete with the Creator, because rivalry is impossible to proceed without doing injustice.

Competition activity is wrongful, because with the Creator’s deal one can achieve the level of activity of the Creator, but in competition entities become cursed from wrongful matters while striving to be better than the other; in a way, which doesn’t support the functioning of the original entities. Ordinary entities can be as creator entities in side universes in a way almost anytime, when the Creator supports their activities. The actions of the creator entities are very cursed activity, because the creator entities have less ability to act than what the original Creator has. The creator entities live although in a system which is on the level of the spiritual world, which the original Creator has made, when the actions of the creator entities are partly guided by the Creator.



Creator entities have done lots of measures on the level of punishment to entities in side universes. This means, that the creator entities function in a punishment like manner to their inhabitants of the side universes. For the creator entities, the action is interrupted, not until when the Creator gives the side universe a command to become destroyed. Many side universes end in such a way into the ending of a side universe commanded by the Creator.

The entities of side universes are very similar with the entities of our universe. This is due to that all the entities of the side universes have a very similar meaning of life, when everywhere where the Creator acts, are the entities very similar in relation to each other. This means that in the side universes, there are human-like entities, which have same needs as what the humans have on planet Earth. Humans on planet Earth have usually similar development workflow, when technologies are usually very similar. The entities of the side universes function very wrongfully easier than how humans in our main universe function. All the entities of the side universe have very wrongful activity, because the Creator isn’t guiding the wrongfulness away from the systems on the level of the physical world.

Our side universes function very wrongfully at times, when in those there is battle activity quite a lot. All our side universes function in such a way, that the Creator creates them armed forces or then they themselves make armed forces. Self-made armed forces are usually basic technologies, but created by the Creator the technologies can be very developed. Technologies created by the Creator are based on the appliances materialized by the spiritual world, which have been manufactured perfectly. Own technologies again can be much undeveloped for long periods of time in our side universes.

The entities of our side universes are at times different from their outlook in relation to humans, because their outlook is developed with very difficult activity, when genetic heritage has become revised into very different. At times in side universes there are very different kinds of entities, because they are in a completely different environment. Different kinds of environments are created by the Creator at times that come close to impossible magical realms imagined as impossible by us. In our side universes, there is very wrongful activity precisely due to this, that there aren’t functioning systems, but entities have lots of freedoms to function in a way they want to.



All the entities of our side universes function in the Creator’s systems more loosely, because the Creator isn’t continually developing activity in our side universes. The creator entities, which function in the side universes as a substitute of the Creator, are so very differently functioning entities. They function very differently than how the Creator would function in same situations. The creator entities function with the acceptance of the Creator in the Creator’s systems as very highly valued entities. Entities are in the Creator’s system very different actually, when there is found more developed entities, which know how to function even as creator entities. Entities able to be creator entities, there aren’t however very many in the world, so from them is taken well care of, so that their spirit entities wouldn’t destroy themselves.

Our creator entities have wrongfulness with them quite a lot, because they are at times very wrongful even as creator entities. Such isn’t although a concern for the Creator, because creator entities haven’t got any other choice than to act wrongfully, because as creator entities, it is impossible to function without injustice. This kind of feature is the original Creator has also, that he is wrongful due to the action caused by his own position.

All matters function in side universes in a very similar manner as in our universe. In our universe, it is so very similar to be. The differences of the side universes come forward very little, because humans are from their needs very similar. Similar needs are in the Creator’s systems very common. This is due to optimized activity, when matters resemble each other’s everywhere. The functions of this universe also resemble each other’s in every area of life.

The functions of all the universes are very similar, because everything functions according to the best functioning. Then all entities do similar work to advance the universes. The universes advance with the Creator’s activity, when one gains clarity into matters and so one achieves new functions into the universe, with which matters function even better.

In our universes there hasn’t always existed similar activity as today. Today our universe functions in a very difficult way, because on our planet Earth there has been problems in the end times. Problems are still remaining today as well, because problems become solved slower than was even imagined in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, magics are similar towards all the universes. Then our universes function with the help from similar higher systems. Our universes are very wrongful for our entities, because the Creator has created all the wrongfulness already originally, when injustice is always within the functioning of our universes.

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