Date: 17.04.2013

Our occultic writing system is as wrongful as we can even imagine. This is due to that all the knowledge of the spiritual world is occult knowledge, which is wrongful knowledge in every case. Our occultic information system functions in a very special way. All the information has to be done with a good meaning.

Our occultic information system is very cursed activity, because everywhere there is very wrongful knowledge. All the information isn’t so perfect information, but with the information there is always injustice, because information can’t be perfect, because perfectness doesn’t even exist in reality.

From the part of all the information, we are wrongful towards humans while being in the spiritual world, when the occult knowledge is knowledge revised by the entities of the spiritual world. In our spiritual world there is very much activity from the part of data processing, when the spiritual world can collect a terrible amount of data from any matter very fast as well.

Our entities of the spiritual world act in every way by using occult knowledge. With occult knowledge, one acted wrongfully also in earlier times, when everyone had a possibility to gain occult knowledge through channeling. Channeling takes place with the magic of the spiritual world for almost everyone, but this isn’t always conscious but channeling can function also outside of consciousness.

Our occultic writing system functions in modern times through channeling. The problems of all our writing systems are very wrongful. The problems are the information contained by the channeling. Information is so at times harmful, but at times also advancing for our entities personally.

All our entities function very wrongfully by blocking channelings, because channelings can be suppressed from their functions by using magic. This takes place with channeling disturbing magic. All our entities don’t know how to channel due to this reason, that their channeling ability has been suppressed already quite in their youth.

The channeling ability becomes suppressed with unclear thoughts, when everywhere with the help from channelings can the channeling of other entities become suppressed. Also unclear matters of the physical world suppress our channeling. So unconsciousness from certain matters can make entities not to use channeling.

The channelings of all our entities are very wrongful activity, because while channeling thoughts are very wrongful for our entities, because everyone doesn’t have hearing ability, humans become so influenced without being aware of it. Our channeling is very wrongful most often, because injustice can’t be taken away from channelings in almost any way.

All our channelings are very wrongful activity. The entities have to make the Creator’s deals, so that they’d understand injustice in channelings. Everywhere the occult meaning of our entities comes forth through channeling, so through channeling one can gain information from the secret information of entities, from which not even the entity himself has information of. This kind of activity is although possible. The channelings of our entities are conscious for the outer space, when all entities can listen to our channelings even in outer space, because the channelings are like transmissions on the level of the spiritual world.

The meaning of all the writings is to make entities more aware of the matters of the spiritual world. Such information is so very advancing for entities on the level of the spiritual world. With the help from writings one can gather information from the activity of the spiritual world, when the information can be studied even better than only through channeling. The written information is more acceptable than channeled information depending on memory.

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