Date: 10.05.2013

Our good occultic magics are thoroughly more wrongful than was even imagined. Our occultic magics have a lot to do with the Creator’s functions. The Creator functions in a very occultic way always while he is in the world. Everywhere, there is activity bewitched by the Creator, and nowhere in the Creator’s areas can one notice the Creator’s activity, because it is so hidden from the view of everyone, that it can’t even be noticed but otherwise.

Our Creator has a good occultic magic always when he lives in the world, but he has also bad occultic magic, and others aren’t always on the same level of magic as on which the Creator is. With our good occultic magics one can create lots of things. Good occultic magic is so very beneficial activity. All our occultic magics in the spiritual world are very wrongful although.

The activity of all our occultic magics is such, that by using the spiritual world as a help one can achieve things miraculously in the world. Such activity is much suppressed as information today. All our entities are very wrongful while suppressing information from occultic magics.

The functions of all our occultic magics came true from the part of injustice today, when all the destructed entities were removed from the group of the living at the final judgment. So no one knew what happened to the lives, which had been destroyed, but the spiritual world only removed these entities from the world and the spiritual world.

In our spiritual world, there is very wrongful folk while thinking in an occult way. The very wrongful folk influences into the matters of planet Earth so, that everything is functioning secretly. The divinities and all the other entities influencing into the matters of planet Earth as well function in an occult way, so that on to planet Earth there comes changes driven by them with the magic of the spiritual world. Such can’t be observed even from the spiritual world. Although all these kinds of influences are very high level magics, with which one can do work by using the spiritual world as a help.

Our entities of the spiritual world function very wrongfully, when on planet Earth there will become problems at times due to these entities of the spiritual world. These kinds of problems are happening to everyone unnoticed, but these problems can be great. The awareness takes place only so, that the human notices that he has gotten into problems, from which he doesn’t always know whether to blame himself or someone else. Although these can be problems bewitched by the spiritual world originally, when the entities in the spiritual world have gained their wrongful plan accomplished.

Everywhere our entities are very wrongful, and entities are very dangerous to each other usually. Everything is due to that humans have slightly less understanding from the matters of the spiritual world, than what the entities of the spiritual world have. These entities in the spiritual world are let to con humans in the world easier than we can even imagine. So has taken place over the history in many cases.

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