Date: 10.9.2013

How are all our entities so wrongful? We channel everywhere to entities, so that they’d act better with their functions. The functioning of all the functions is based on information how to act, so this kind of information was very wrongful. The action of all our entities was very wrongful. No one from our entities is very well functioning, but everyone has lacks in their thinking, which we repair with channelings to them. Our entities of the spiritual world are very twisted, so everywhere there is twisted thinking, from which one can’t gain full certainty, before we have channeled them the core of the uncertain matter.

Such channelings are very unconscious, because it is called subconscious, into where we tell our information. The action of all the entities of the subconscious is very dangerous for an entity, because they can become cheated with their subconscious, if the subconscious only wants so. Usually this is learned already as young, that even own thoughts can deceive a human. For others this is although left unlearned, when entities have to do very wrongful measures, for them to learn this later.

All the entities of our subconscious do their wrongful work for deceiving our entities even outside the systems of the spiritual world. Everything doesn’t so go always in a manner wanted by the system, in that how the subconscious works. Because at times the small entities living in the subconscious make self-willed decisions in relation to matters, and if the human accepts such arbitrary promptings of the tiny entity, has injustice happened, without that it would have been wanted by the system of the spiritual world.

No one is outside the system, but the systems are very free for new solution possibilities, but on the other hand, also arbitrary wrongful functions are possible. A more liberal atmosphere is so generated, where no one is forced to do, not even activity seen as the best activity by the spiritual world, but everyone is let to act as they see the best.

In our spiritual world, there are very many wrongful entities, which haven’t got much durability in relation to mind control. It is so very wrongful to act by opposing injustice in the opinion of entities, but it would be honestly the most beneficial in the complete universe.

All our entities of the spiritual world acted very wrongfully to all the channeling persons, because no one is allowed to become cursed from the channelings of other humans, because this compares interfering into others’ matters. The functions of all our entities of all the ages are very different, so channeling there has been sometime in earlier times to a greater extent, when everyone was able to gather information about matters by asking the spiritual world. In modern times this has been bordered, because one isn’t allowed to act with one’s own information, but one has to be very much in accordance with the system, because in modern times, the control is very important for our system.

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