Message from Lilith from the spiritual world III


Message from Lilith goes in this way. You are very great while you are writing, and you are not very meaningful in accordance with everything. All the more meaningful information as well is according to Lilith to be brought available for everyone. Into the activity of Lilith belongs remaining good, in all the activity of Hell, although the environment would be more wrongful than was even imagined. My wrongful features are very commonplace for all, and I am not very interested about the Creator more personally either. Only the Creator’s activity crosses with my own activity, due to which the Creator’s activity one has to follow also in the activity of the world. I am neither hostile towards Jesus, but he has the same situation with the Creator, that our activities go as crossed together forward, from which dues also the need for cooperation as well at times. Everyone is not as my target in my activity, but I am a so important spirit entity, that it would do good, that from me one would be more aware more than less.

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