Message from Lilith from the spiritual world II


Message from Lilith from the spiritual world goes as follows. I am as very far reaching with also in the activity of the world of yours. From Lilith there will come still additional information about, how also Jesus has acted in earlier times. Myself being his demon from a very distant time when the Creator created Jesus. This is not commonly known by you, that I am Jesus’ female demon. Because Jesus was very feministic while we were creating Jesus’ demon. So was gained from a male human a female demon. This feminism was the Creator’s distortion, when was possible exceptionally to create a female demon for the life of a male. For this was used also animal activity with because prehistoric humans were very much more animal-like than the humans of modern times are. This took place before the first world’s consistency’s universe was created, somewhere in a smaller consistency. The Creator has although already been before this, when he has had in his knowledge a very far developed consistency also about the world’s activity, in some other worlds.

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