Message from an occultist from the spiritual world III 


Never you are opposing to wrongfulness, because occultists would kill you as well, if you oppose their activity. Occultists had good matters to tell on these days, because good matters one wasn’t allowed to do in our modern lives. So the spiritual world gains from occultists all the to be prevented topic. Occultists are so like advocates of humans for the spiritual world, where their opinion has been received usually as an opinion of pagans, from which there is benefit to the spiritual world. 

It is beneficial to tell about the functions of the spiritual world to occultists, because their activity compares well the ordinary activity of the world, where the spiritual world is in smaller meaning. So we gain information from the occultists of the spiritual world to the occultists of the world, which we can use in the researching of the situation of humans. Occultists are so like humans’ advocates, although being slightly more developed than humans usually are while being in the world. Some kind of a lawyer to prevent the judgment of the spiritual world to the humans of the world.  

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