Message from a pastor from the spiritual world I


Pastor had good matters in your world, so we did everything with very great proportion for our humans in accordance with Jesus. All pastors have to go to Hell, because, for humans, the speaking on the level of pastors is wrongful according to demons, it being false speaking of the level of the spiritual world, although this would have been done with a good meaning. For our pastors came very great upheaval from its meaning in modern times, when the messaging of angels went better through into the minds of pastors. So angels are able to guide the activity of pastors in the world better than in earlier times was as its activity.

Our pastors are very wrongful at times for children as well, while them being slightly unreal for them and for others as well. All imbeciles hold pastors as higher in the spiritual world, although they are nearly only scribes and learned from life as well at times. So they are slightly more eased as your humans, and not from their spirit specially developed. Unlike it is when from mystics become a pastor, when the knowledge of a mystic compare the teachings better, than what this kind of school studied is from his teachings.

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