Message from a dwarven king from the spiritual world II


Dwarves there have been very short time ago as well, they lived mostly in the northern area of Europe, they were called as dwarves, because they had smaller brains functions, than other inhabitants mostly. So we can make the Creator’s deals also with the dwarves, because they were most often righteous more permanently than many other species. This was due to their brain activity, which functioned slightly slower also, which again revolutionized the world while these kind of entities being among other species, creating permanent stability.

Because our dwarven king has learned from earlier times also to use the brain functions of human’s, is he able into all activity, which also humans do in the world and in the spiritual world. Your dwarven king acted very wrongfully a bit less than you even imagined, this is due to the spiritual world organizing all kinds of safer activity with the help of the spiritual world for your creator entities.

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